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Starbucks opened its first restaurant in Tenerife #StarbucksenTenerife


Starbucks expands its number of coffee shops in Spain with a new opening in Tenerife, specifically in Siam Mall, a shopping mall is a unique space because most of its offering both leisure and fashion is outdoors.

Starbucks supposed to continue its expansion strategy in Spain, approaching its range of products to those consumers that require. The new store features more than 200m space and has employed 14 people.

Starbucks expands its number of cafes in Spain with a new opening in Tenerife, particularly in SiaMMallStarbucks Spain Starbucks Spain Starbucks SpainImages of Starsbucks Spain

This is the tweet that the coffee chain launched with the hashtag #StarbucksenTenerife which he marked the opening of its new store…

And what we see in some customer reactions it seems that the new store can be very successful and was highly anticipated in Tenerife…




Good luck #StarbucksenTenerife!

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