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"Starbucks accompanies the client from the digital dimension", ganadores The Best Digital Restaurant Group 2018


Starbucks Spain was awarded the prize for best group or digital franchise restaurants in the category The Best Digital Restaurant Group 2018, Y Camille Cochy of Moncan -Communications & Digital Marketing Group Director Vips-, considers that this recognition is because "the daily and constant work of a very talented team that is dumped for years in materializing the clear commitment of the brand to connect with customers, also from the digital environment”.

How has Starbucks learning in digital? How has it impacted
digital in business?

The commitment to digital by Starbucks in Spain begins with the rise of social networks, contact point that the brand understood from the outset as a fantastic opportunity to reinforce something sacred to her: its connection to the customer. Shortly after, brand gradually began to exploit other touch points as wifi or APP Club Vips.

Everything related to digital for us is the result of continuous learning, through trial and error, with the user always in the center of our decisions. Learning that we try to permanently enrich based on other experiences that mark may have in other markets but mostly, that is nurtured by our own and local experiments, especially social media and mobile marketing environment.

The great virtue of digital technology applied to our brand is very complements the already qualitatively strong connection existed between it and each of its customers. While it is true that our business is analog, and it is that our best Baristas attend daily to a lot of consumers, digital assets allow us to enhance your experience, accompanying them and strengthening our relationship with them, beyond the time of your visit at the store. further, obviously also it helps us connect with younger audiences goals.

Starbucks Spain on its website points out that while your coffee brings people, service Wi-Fi allows them to stay connected. Part of his philosophy is: "In our stores talk, connect and participate ".

How does Starbucks use technology to improve your customer satisfaction?

We understand that well used technology is a great tool to optimize the customer experience, and therefore achieve maximum satisfaction. Once again, technology can not replace the connection that must establish a Barista with client, handing the perfect drink with personalized service, but it can and must play a key role in everything around that time key, since the client consider visiting one of our stores to recommend the brand to others.

For it, we rely on technology to make such active listening client and so anticipate their needs, or surprise them with a personalized detail. Keep an honest conversation, direct and spontaneous with them. And to make life easier, giving you the option to further customize the kind of experience you want to live in our stores thanks to our App Club Vips and functionalities from which the customer can place a custom order, pay from Mobile, present to pick it up skipping the line, or geotag the nearest store.

Impact on Social Networks

Starbucks has in Spain Facebook nearly one million followers, more of 110.000 followers and Instagram. In addition to publicize their different products on social networks, They devote much effort to promote the engagement of their followers through various tactics such as the development of competitions such as #StarbucksMadeByMe in which you can participate by uploading photos of moments when enjoying drinking coffee. Starbucks Espresso capsules are earned for a year.

In Twitter have almost 200 thousand followers and there riding their tweets "freshly roasted by Starbucks team in Madrid Spain". They have recently announced on this platform will soon come to Toledo.

How important are awards The Best Digital Restaurants for the HORECA sector in Spain?

We give utmost importance and we can not flatter Diego's initiative for having created Coquillat, and again congratulate all the nominees who have attended this first edition.

Rewarding digital work of our industry is basically recognize how vital it has become to our business discipline. Our industry is to enroll in full time, a people business serving others, it evolves and becomes at par with its customers and its surroundings.

Photographs of May Zircus

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