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Starbucks invests in solar energy to strengthen its commitment to sustainability


The scientific consensus on anthropogenic causes Climate change is overwhelming, It is why companies have no choice but to adapt to new times if you do not want to be judged by an increasingly concerned with the suffering society that a lack of action would in future not so distant.

To comply with international agreements such as the Paris summit, and meet a environmental regulations increasingly demanding, some companies are trying to reduce their carbon footprint reviewing its energy in the form and quantity.

The burning of fossil fuels by industry is one of the factors contributing to the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, so any changes can be reflected in the energy consumed or the origin of it may have a beneficial impact on energy certification of the corporation.

In this case the protagonist of change is a famous brand of coffee that operates worldwide: Starbucks. Mark siren acts around the globe so the logistics associated with their energy consumption is very complex. However, the difficulties of this challenge has not been an obstacle to the restoration company get down to work to protect the planet we all share.

The last step taken in this regard is investing in a cheaper and cleaner energy. But so far it has only managed it done this way in their cafeterias Texas (OF. UU.). In doing so, the transition to a more sustainable consumption extols the name of the brand and reflects its social responsibility.

The energy used for this experience is the Photovoltaic Solar Energy. Texas, located south of EE. THE. It is one of the states largest solar energy production generated by three critical factors: dry, sunny weather, the large area of ​​land available, and soft terrain physiognomy, composed almost entirely of plains. Photovoltaic panels last generation used in the art facilities allow not only take care of the planet, if not save money.

Starbucks has signed an agreement with solar farm Cypress Creek Renewables LLC. The news was announced in a press release the 15 April this year, While the details of the contract were not published in full.

If it has emerged that it is a tax equity agreement, a contractual model often used by private power producers seeking to reduce their tax liabilities by trading credits with other private sector entities.

Apart from this peculiarity, you know that Starbucks will buy electricity at higher. Will in two solar farms owned by the Cypress Creek Renewables LLC. One of them is situated on the outskirts of the city of Wharton, and the other is located on wasteland bordering the town of Blossom.

According to expert estimates, the agreement could provide electricity to 360 Starbucks stores, Since solar installations that has started providing contractual relationship 10 megawatts of power.

Not the first time the franchise cafes around the world is interested in solar energy. The agreement responds to a marketing strategy by which the company wants to be more environmentally responsible. The closing of the deal comes two years after the directive give restoration company announced its intention to acquire a solar farm. So good, in 2017, when these comments were made, Starbucks had their eyes on a photovoltaic solar plant located in the state of North Carolina.

With this operation, Starbucks It is better positioned in the current market, generating a positive response from your audience, It composed mainly of young people with a social commitment to the patent environment. But at the same time it is a successful business operation that will bring better opportunities for business to thrive, as indicated by market analyst Kyle Harrison Bloomberg.

In this sense it is necessary to contextualize the commercial situation Starbucks. After several years experiencing a slowdown in the US market. UU., the franchise has been forced to bet on specialty products with higher profit margins and to expand into Asia to spur economic growth. Both strategies are working swimmingly.

But not all end there. Synchronously, the company is forced to make significant investments into the inner workings and the service that offers its users because of a changing world. Given the new European bans on disposable plastic that will take effect over the coming years, and pressure is being done in other parts of the world for this type of action on the more the merrier countries, Starbucks has had to devote a game of not inconsiderable money adaptation initiatives.

Hoping to preempt this new legislative framework, Starbucks has taken the new reality of Europe to take their social and environmental responsibility to new heights, with the promise that from 2022 coffee chain will only use recyclable cups without disposable drinking straw.

This bold move will help clean up the image of the company, which it has recently been hit several times after being discovered almost consecutively several coffee plantations directly certified as organic and fair trade brand employed slave labor, in semi-slavery regime farms or child in Brazil, Ivory Coast and other known coffee producing countries.

Hopefully the good intentions of Starbucks will help the company get the approval of their fans and they desire that economic results are equally positive. They would be a new proof that a restoration organized more responsible with our planet itself is possible.

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