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Starbucks will allow free use of their premises but do not eat


The arrest of two black entrepreneurs in Starbucks de Filadelfia last April for wanting to use the toilets of the establishment before making a drink (which they intended to do once he had reached a third person they were waiting) continues to cause a stir.

A look at the chronology of events shows why the shock has not yet passed.

First, the executive director of the coffee chain apologized by the decision taken by the store manager in question. Stated that the altercation was mainly the fault of the directive as rules regarding the use of local baths are ambiguous, open to interpretation and, in any case, the final decision rested with the staff onsite.

Then, Howard Schultz, By now president of Starbucks and possible next US president, he met with the two affected, Rashon Nelson y Donte Robinson, to try to find solutions to the problem and personally convey his apologies.

In a subsequent press release, the owner of the franchise indicated that Starbucks cafes had no intention of becoming a public restroom, but from now access to toilets would be free. Those in need may apply for key personnel and given.

On the other hand, Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson have chosen not to pursue judicially City Philadelphia, They have been formed with a symbolic compensation amounting to a dollar and with the promise that The City Council allocated 200 000 dollars to stimulation of the start-ups led by young residents in the city.

Although everything may seem right, the reality is that the statement, It is purporting to be radical to allow free access to the toilets without any restrictions, It has been interpreted as insufficient. The questions raised are: What about WiFi?, What if I occupy a table and my companion is delayed?, What are the limits of Parking in those cafes that have it are?

After that there has been a history of police arrest in a shop, and knowing that this was entirely unfounded, Starbucks customers are wondering if they will not be the next to be affected.

It staggers thus an image that the company had tried to erect from 1986: Starbucks as a social meeting place.

To address the concerns of consumers, Starbucks has stepped forward and announced a new measure that presumably prevent the recurrence of such problems in the future. With immediate effect, the passersby who so wish may enter the chain establishments and rest in chairs, browse through the halls or use patios and terraces without being obliged to make consumption any.

All that is asked is that these people do not behave disruptively. If the actions of someone in Starbucks, the consumer in, cause unrest among other users, managers ensure local community welfare and take the necessary decisions in accordance with the new manual and the lessons learned during the training course against the bias racial received by the entire staff during the day 29 of May.

It wants to recover in this way a culture of warmth and community that had been lost in many local EE. THE. Social meeting place that he craved Schultz ...

Comfortable armchairs with the company decorates its stores, the promise of high-speed WiFi and pleasant atmosphere that permeates the Starbucks can be a major claim for a segment of the population seeking a meeting, business meeting or maybe finally encouraged to try the house drinks but at first had no such intention.

But the move also exposes the corporation to abuse, so it remains to be seen whether this initiative really get Calar or Starbucks will have to recant early to prevent the environment deteriorating cafeterias. Adoption at this moment could be because the pilot with access free to use the bathrooms has been positive.

Starbucks currently going through a period of subdued economic growth and seeks to improve the user experience of your customers. This gamble to open the doors wide establishments may be just what you need to revitalize its sales volume and attract the few customers that have not yet reached.

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