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Starbucks reacts quickly to save his reputation after the scandal Philadelphia


What happened during the last April is the bane of any public relations officer. Starbucks for the storm did not wait when the day 12 April two young black men were arrested, Donte Robinson y Rashon Nelso, a local town for trying to use the service without He has been no eating previous.

This request was answered with a call law enforcement. especially bizarre situation because the reality was that these two business partners were waiting for a third party to place your order. It was no invention. The umpire appeared shortly after.

All this incomprehensible sequence of events was recorded, how not, in form of uploaded video and Internet swarmed to viralizarse and knead seven million copies in just a few days.

The company went into damage control and promptly issue a public apology through social networks. “We apologize to the two people […]. We are reviewing our policies and […] We try to ensure that such situations do not occur again in our shops”. In the eyes of the mayor, pretty words were not enough.

The executive director of the franchise, Howard Schultz, personally would review the details of the case and would contact the two twentysomethings affected by unnecessary police intervention. Finally the day 10 It may communicate the decision was taken to give this matter closed: access to services would be free Starbucks.

Schultz added that Starbucks does not want “become a public toilet”, but they would make the right decision “One hundred percent of occasions and would give the key [the toilets]to the people”. He continued expressing his personal opinion about what should be the position of the house hereinafter: “We do not want anyone to feel that Starbucks does not allow access to the toilets because they consider 'unless'. We want to be 'more than'”.

Finally he pointed out that the decision by the store manager to call the police after asking the victims who were seemed “a terrible decision“.

We saw the most human and vulnerable side of Starbucks, a company that has 8000 outlets only in EE. THE.; premises, without exception, will host the new policy of free access to bathrooms to replace the ambiguous rules delegated responsibility for business manager, leaving the decision to the discretion.

further, these eight thousand stores They closed the day 29 May for a workshop on biases associated with racism, designed by personalities like Sherrilyn Ifill, Foundation NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund. According to his convictions, these training sessions will “the beginning, not the end of a complete transformation of the training Starbucks”, as “Racism is deeply seated in our society, and any effort to confront it means you have to commit to it long term”.

Nevertheless, They know that any change will be difficult. In this age when political correctness raw, cny misstep can mean having to re-enter damage control. It's more, You do not even need to err.

Schultz knows well. After the murder of Trevor Martin 2012 and Eric Garner a couple of years later, Starbucks offered Glasses the slogan 'Race Together’ They are inciting consumers to engage in discussions on race and racism. They did not last an assault because social networks saw these initiatives as an attempt to capitalize on the tragedy Black Men.

Schultz lamented that “in just two hours […] It was taken by hatred, by anonymous people who ultimately appropriated the narrative”. A) Yes, the forcefulness with which this time has acted much more logical to take a look. And it is that an action makes a thousand words.

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