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Starbucks Reserve, the new commitment of the company to continue growing at the 'apocalypse’ of the coffee


The shops are in fashion show. Outputs of the most luxurious streets of New York, We have already seen some of these oriented business experience off EE. THE.

In Barcelona, Joseph Almond He has opened the almond origin, a temple of thousand square meters in which, In addition to its fresh produce (vegetables and fruits), the buyer can taste Turris pastries. The owner indicates that “a market in the process of transformation for sale online, (…) the future of physical stores is to promote experiences to attract consumers“. And attract the consumer is just something they are doing.

This strategy is not exclusive retail stores. Catering businesses also are embracing.

Already ahead David Muñoz in his interview The confidential in 2014, referring to the case of molecular cuisine DiverXO: restaurant is “an experience, like going to the theater or football”. And the example set, pioneer at that time, It has penetrated deeply into the business strategies of many companies.

The latest to join the fashion has been Starbucks, the famous and genuine coffee franchise that has managed to identify with a generation, consequently experiencing explosive growth. Nevertheless, chain has reached worrying crossroads. The business is in its maturity, It achieved almost the entire market you can get and its growth is not sustainable. Some have coined this moment as the 'apocalypse’ of the coffee.

If the company can not reach new junkies of the coffee, How can you increase your profits? Usually two alternatives:

  • Expand the range of products offered to regular customers.
  • Increase product prices to optimize margins.

In an interesting bet playing a bit of both worlds, Starbucks has decided to open 1.000 new establishments suspiciously reminiscent of local Eataly; diaphanous meeting points and gastronomic Italian court in which cooking, a wide range of products offered European boot, and where people can socialize and enjoy the experience as well as making purchases.

Starbucks Reserve They join the already broad spectrum of modalities store featuring the ubiquitous cafe: las Reserve Roasteries, Reserve bars, the express establishment of Wall Street and the newly acquired bakeries Princi Bakery.

To reach the deepest pockets and bring benefits to products gourmet, he Starbucks Reserve de Seattle, the first of its kind to open its doors to coffee tasters, has a receiver titanic in which are arranged several modules:

  • A section full of market exclusive products.
  • He bar Reserve, unique location where fans of the brand can pamper their palates with caffeinated elixirs Nitro Draft Latte, Spiced Ginger Cold Brew y Bianco Mocha.
  • A liquor store or 'mixológico bar’ overflowing with cocktails a la italiana.
  • A area to relax equipped with tables and sofas next to two open stoves.
  • A Princi bakery ovens with sight besides the delight of spectators whets the appetite and makes my mouth water with products like pizza mozzarella buffalo, buns, cornettos and sandwiches foccacia.

He stylishly decorated accommodation market and supplemented with experiences to attract the consumer promises to become the banner of the new generation of local Starbucks, those who defend the image of the siren before the third wave coffee (third wave of coffee), which it has outposts as Blue Bottle e Inteligentsia that threaten the hegemony of international group.

Starbucks does not intend to cede market in this third wave coffee. Liz Muller, vice President senior creation, global design and innovation in the company, states that “Book hotels offer the best of brewing coffee and artisanal bakery and introduces a user experience with market style that creates a space that has both energy and moments of intimacy“.

It is clear that the user experience will be one of the main demands of these new Starbucks. Unfortunately, these experiences do not rejoice for a while in Europe. Most felt that we enjoy in the old continent will be a Reserve Roasterie which will open in the iconic Palazzo delle Poste Milan along this 2018. Flying from Spain to Milan from 25 €, What will be more expensive?, Is the trip or fancy coffee? We will have to go to find out ...

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