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Starbucks takes advantage of the coronavirus crisis by reinventing its mobile app


Crises are times of accelerated change, and the coronavirus crisis is not an exception to this general rule. In fact, since a few months ago his status as a pandemic, the coronavirus has caused a revitalization of ecommerce without precedents, fact that has even been extended to merchandise delivery services and, how not, has ended up impacting the world of restaurants.

Although it is understandable that the businesses in this sector are concerned, the reality is that the health crisis that we are still suffering has opened some “digital gates”. Specific, restaurants have seen how orders for delivery have gained even more traction than they already had (sustaining itself in recent years with growth above 10%).

The truth is that the volume of business that comes through digital channels continues to grow, and can no longer be ignored. Large organized catering chains have spent years implementing changes in their mode of operation to provide digital service to customers, who are slowly changing their consumption habits. Independent restaurants, Nevertheless, they are somewhat behind, which on the other hand means that they have large room for maneuver to surf this transformative wave that hits the sector hard.

Brands are not as lucky as Starbucks, for they entered this market upside down as soon as they showed signs of prosperity. The coffee fever is long past, and during the last quarters the company is only able to obtain good numbers thanks to the enormous effort it is making to access the Asian market. Things are not going so well for the green mermaid in her homeland, OF. THE.

In full swing of the epidemic in the American country, Consumers turn to alternative ways to continue enjoying their most coveted coffee specialties. Starbucks can't afford a big market contraction here, because a change in trend could jeopardize the good work of the company in the US market. Because, the only alternative for Starbucks is to adapt services to the times.

For this, the managers of Starbucks have begun by conducting an introspection to define what is the space they occupy in the network of restaurants in the country. After a detailed study they have concluded that their cafeterias are halfway between an iconic business that defines society and a homey refuge where consumers can feel calm..

It is just this last sensation that they have wanted to transmit with the novelties that they have implemented in the operation mode of their premises. Now more than ever, the peace of mind and security of knowing that there is no danger when consuming is a driving factor of the business. To get this important message to potential customers, Starbucks has turned to his ace up his sleeve, his app own mobile, which has already been praised on countless occasions by professionals in the sector, by ourselves in previous articles and even by the competition, that by striving to copy technology shows that you recognize the ingenuity of Starbucks in creating this wonderful software.

Starbucks App it has been renewed with some transgressive utilities specially designed to weather the gale that the disease of COVID-19 has brought with it. One of these novelties is a closer and more direct communication through the app. With this change you want to inspire the consumer, Make you see that Starbucks is an extension of your own home.

It is not all about style changes. Technological innovations are also integrated. Specifically a new contactless payment system that minimizes the risk of interacting with an infected person. The procedure contactless It also uses the Starbucks App virtual wallet, so the company has opened its hand and allows the system to be used not only in its coffee shops., but also in all collaborating businesses that request it.

It is evident that, with the confinement that has been decreed in many states, there are customers who have their first ordering experience online con Starbucks App, that is why to make life easier for these people who are using this tool for the first time, the coffee shop chain has made sure to implement a step by step tutorial that any user can follow regardless of their level of computer knowledge. The usability of the app the company's mobile is among the best in the world.

Another novelty that appears now is the establishment search engine, that in addition to listing which coffee shops are closest to our position, we too indicates opening hours. All this in order to avoid unnecessary trips, in a reality in which any departure from home can be considered dangerous; There is nothing more disappointing than arriving at a closed establishment when you have expressly left to visit it..

The application also has systems to use the Starbucks Delivery service with delivery of the order at home through Uber Eats, interacts by default with the customer loyalty and rewards system Starbucks Rewards, and now it also allows place orders for pickup inside or outside the store; when this option is used one of the baristas of the establishment is in charge of delivering the order minimizing possible contacts between employees and customers.

Based on the foregoing, it is clear that Starbucks will emerge stronger from the coronavirus crisis thanks to a greater implementation of its app own mobile phone among the company's regular customers, being a magnificent example to follow for all the restaurants that want to make the most of their possibilities in these difficult times.

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