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Starbucks is committed to hiring the 2.500 refugees


Starbucks He has made public its intention to hire 2.500 refugees to work in their cafeterias eight European countries like Britain, France, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Germany and the Netherlands.

This announcement that made public the local environment seattletimes.com last 20 of June, World Refugee Day, It is part of a plan that has the company to hire 10.000 Exiled people in the next five years.

For it, Starbucks will partner with the IRC, he International Rescue Committee, an organization dedicated to respond to the worst humanitarian crises in the world and helps people to survive and rebuild their lives. Together we will ensure that all rights of refugees are respected in their jobs. further, this chain has declared its intentions to hire others 1.000 in the coming years in Canada.

An idea triggered by the rejection of the policy of President Donald Trump

These plans to hire many thousands of refugees are part of a commitment that the CEO was in January at Starbucks, Howard Schultz, did after President Donald Trump approved and signed an executive order suspending the entry of all refugees in American territory during 120 days, banning the entry of Syrian citizens indefinitely.

This announcement Howard Schultz has quickly provoked a sea of ​​reactions in every way. Although The initiative was a huge mass support in twitter, many American citizens complained that refugees were hired rather than native US citizens.

But these criticisms were nothing more than a gaffe because the company has since 2013 with a firm commitment to hire 10.000 US veterans. and military wives. In fact it was the company itself who said in March that it had amply fulfilled the objectives of this Bell, so it set a new goal of hiring 25.000 veterans and spouses of fallen soldiers by the year 2025.

As it regards the recruitment of refugees by Starbucks, the company remains focused on giving employment to those who in the past worked as translators or support staff the US armed forces both in Iraq and in Afghanistan.

In addition to the IRC, Starbucks has partnered with No One Left Behind, an organization that seeks ensure that the Department of State of the United States keep its promises of Special Immigrant Visas and it provides financial assistance and housing to individuals and families who have migrated under the program SIV (Special Immigrant Visas).

Madrid #ConLosRefugiados

Speaking of other solidarity initiatives that they have arisen within a restaurant, we need to focus on #ConLosRefugiados food festival. Currently it is held in Madrid the second edition of this initiative that began last year in Paris and which in 2017 They have joined 13 new European cities, including the capital of Spain.

In Madrid, seven restaurants as the Amazonian, the Banibanoo, he restaurants Gigi, Artisan, The sources, Elektra Madrid Y Mama Campo, They will transfer their kitchens during this week refugees chefs will cook dishes from their home countries: Syria, Cameroon, Ukraine and Morocco.

This is another occasion on which the restaurants show their support to the neediest. One way or another, either you are collecting food or opening their doors to help the most disadvantaged, there are already many occasions we have seen the the hospitality industry promotes solidarity actions.

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