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Starbucks is preparing to conquer the market of Italian food


Since some years, Starbucks She had been taking over, course breakfast, but also of his many followers dinners. Now, the famous coffee chain known for its specialty coffees also offers snacks and wifi, plans to conquer a new market niche, The dinners. And for this, it will do so through the delicious and popular Italian culinary tradition.

So is, just like Last week we read the same in different US media, Starbucks plans to open independent Italian bakeries in New York, Seattle and Chicago from next year. For it, the restaurant chain founded in Washington has partnered with Prince, a small chain of bakeries luxury, open 24 hours based in cities like Milan and London.

The target for the medium term is to start offering customers freshly made items. A menu made from Italian essence products such as sandwiches focaccia, pizzas and tiramisus.

The first stage of the partnership will debut with the opening by a Princi bakery Starbucks in its prestigious store Reserve Roastery Seattle. The company It will eventually plans to continue opening bakeries in all its restaurants New York, Seattle and Chicago, Y next year expects to open independent restaurants nationwide.

Starbucks launches into Italian food

Howard Schultz, Starbucks president said a few days ago in an interview his firm intentions stand up to other relevant actors in the restaurant industry pointing directly to food: "We fully enserio to the strip also meals. Princi services will be fully integrated with the operations of our stores, So not only we offer delicious coffees, but also coceremos bread, cakes and all kinds of Italian pastries which is unusual to see America” He said.

The news fell like a thunderbolt in the sector, it looks like this new attempt by the company to reach a niche market that until now had resisted him, it may be quite different from previous adventures undertaken and that they had not achieved the expected success.

The reason is that so far, various efforts to expand into the food industry that had experienced, as truffle macaroni and cheese burritos or sushi, They had not given good results. "Customers thought that if they paid 10$ for coffee, what less than food prepared at the time, not precooked.”

But new sites where Princi into action feature bakers and “Food ambassadors” called commessas working in full view of customers. They will present a menu with about 100 articles among which they include roasted eggs for breakfast, type salads caprese for lunch, cocktails and small plates for dinner, cakes, cookies and Crostatas for dessert. All items will be priced between $3 Y $11.

The Starbucks partnership & Princi is a new stage in the 45 year history of the company

In 1980, Italian baker Rocco Princi he founded a company that now has five European sites. Last July, Starbucks announced it had invested in Princi, and that this chain of bakeries 24 hours had become global dealer of the company and American workers of this Italian brand will be employed by Starbucks.

The announcement comes just before Starbucks opened one of its first shops in Italy. It will be next year in Milan, and certainly have Princi accompanying the mark on his foray into this market will be a determining factor for acceptance by the new audience you will face.

This is certainly a defining step in the career of American chain restaurants to settle in the food business. Currently, approximately he 20% Starbucks revenue -last year were $21.32 billion- It comes from food sales, a 16% more than five years ago.

We look forward to how it evolves this new adventure of Starbusck, and we hope that you do better than when 2012 He was associated with the independent bakery La Boulange, then the results were not as expected. Nevertheless, this is a company that seems to learn from their mistakes and closely follow the adventures of this new alliance.

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