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Starbucks is an al reto # GiveThem20


In the society in which we live, names like Coca-Cola, Starbucks and Pepsi are companies that generate million dollars selling their products. Nevertheless, not all make money. Occasionally, the most important multinational companies in the world use their influence to actions with a charitable purpose, as in the case of viralizado challenge in the United States called # GiveThem20.

The iniciativa #GiveThem20 It was devised by the American Corporate Partners (ACP), a non-profit organization focused on help of American veterans by career guidance, advice and opportunities networking.

The name of the challenge will be familiar to those educated men and women in military practice. The 'Give me 20!'It is an order given by a commanding officer order which translates into twenty push-ups to whom it is addressed, in order to discipline the soldier. While the expression is not one of those who like to hear, now perhaps more than one would hear her cheerful, since this campaign has taken on a new hue: that of support and public recognition of US veterans.

So the challenge is basically that, in drop to the ground to do twenty pushups and then appoint another person, group or company to do the same and publish through the website # GiveThem20 own and platforms available to the individual or company in question, as YouTube channels or their social networks.

Simple, true? The style of Ice Bucket Challenge -a challenge a year ago flooded the social networks of people soaking with water and ice to raise funds for research ELA, ACP has been proposed make viral struggle every day to improve the lives of all those they have put an end to his military career and provide an alternative job prospects.

Starbucks does push-ups for their veterans

One brand of food market with more power worldwide, coffeemaker Starbucks, It has joined the solidarity challenge gustosa. "The legs, back and head straight; arms bent at an angle of 90 degrees; bodies moving up and down as a unit ", explain on their website. And so, Starbucks partners hundred twenty doing push-ups appear together on video, with no chance, or both- that in the ranks there are a few veterans.

Starbucks support from the community of ex-combatants is well known and is one of the currently open in the company in terms of employability spotlight focuses on the creating jobs not only for veterans, but also to their spouses. Your objective in this area is hiring 10.000 people before the year 2018, with opportunities opening as family tents. You can check your projects and stories of workers in the section 'Military' your web news.

Success among US multinationals

The success of this initiative in the business world has been tremendous and is that companies have not wanted to miss the opportunity to contribute their bit to improve the lives of more than respected veterans. In fact, It was Pepsi who He nominated to Starbucks, after approximately fifty employees beverage company completed its own # GiveThem20. Also another brand of soft drinks, Dr Pepper, It is encouraged this practice by veterans of the country.

And if Pepsi and Dr Pepper have contributed, How could I not Coca Cola? The representative of the multinational just flexing his arms in a joint video with their counterparts in AT&T y UPS.

The soft drink company is one of the most dunks in creating jobs for those retired persons from military service. On a website created by the company and dedicated exclusively to professional careers found a special section for military, in which jobs are constantly being published, as well as news and experiences of those veterans who are already part of the group Coca-Cola.

But it has not only been food companies which have dared with inflections, as well other companies from different sectors have joined the challenge, as in the case of Microsoft, Intel O Expedia, among many others, it is included, American universities like Nebraska it to the San Francisco.

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