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Stella Artois, best-selling Belgian beer in the world arrives in Spain


With almost 700 years of history, Stella Artois It is an icon of beer in the world, preferred by British and American customers increasingly. Now comes to Spain with the intention of being the perfect complement to pair with one of the world's most important gastronomic cultures and take your obsession with good service and a different experience the tables the best restaurants in the country.

we interviewed Victor Honrubia, Director Trade Marketing AB InBev Spain, to learn more about one of the most important beer brands in the world and how they intend to love the Spanish market.

1- Stella Artois is a beer with a great international prestige, for he who does not know in Spain, Tell us its origins and history.

It is true that Spain has not been a well known brand so far, but it is a brand with a historical legacy unmatched in the market. It is a beer created in Leuven, Belgium, in 1366 by brewmaster Den Hoorn, in fact its symbol, a horn, You can still be found in the brand logo. With almost 700 years of history, this brewery has gone through many stages: It was bought by Sebastian Artois, the renaming giving his name. It was destroyed during the First World War but after its reconstruction, Stella Artois brand was gaining more fame, Y in 1960 He began to be exported to other European countries, where he has had a very rapid evolution.

2- What is your role globally and objectives of its launch in Spain

Stella is the best selling Belgian beer, Y the fourth largest beer brand power in the world. Brand double-digit growth in larger markets like the US or UK, where it has become the favorite brand of British, sponsoring events such as Wimbledon.

These great results are due to Stella Artois is a brand that responds to the great need for the consumer to leave home to enjoy special dining experiences and and quality products different. The Spanish hotel industry has evolved greatly according to this trend, but the beer is a little behind. That is why we believe that Stella Artois, as it has done in other markets, will play a key role in this transition.

3- What are the characteristics that make it different from Stella Artois and make it ideal for a relationship with gastronomy.

fundamentally it its flavor profile makes it ideal for pairing. It is a very balanced golden pilsner in bitterness, sweetness, malt and body causing him to have a final complex but very balanced mouth. It is very refreshing and delicate bitterness is especially noticeable in the finish, cleaning flavors to enjoy the next bite. For Spanish cuisine like where we like both try several dishes with different flavor profiles in the same meal, It is perfect.

further, as he said before, more and more restaurants looking to different products and great quality that can not be found anywhere and justify the consumer to pay to enjoy that meal away from home. And it's all those restaurateurs that would recommend Stella.

4- We know you want to be close to restaurateurs, what kind of actions and events are going to make in your commitment to feed this relationship.

we strongly believe, as you know in this newspaper, in the digitization of the sector. As always says Diego Coquillat, the doors of the restaurants are not wood or glass, They are digital. All our clients understand and want to improve their digital presence, but often they do not have the knowledge or the time to do it. That's why we try to help them with tools to get more consumers to take their businesses through Influencer Marketing.

further, we want to promote this association with gastronomy Stella, performing actions pairing in many of our local. Organic cheese tastings offer very high quality and beautifully with maridan Stella Artois.

And finally, we are obsessed with good service. We have thrown Stella Draught Masters, a program we do in many countries for years and It is to train our customers to be able to throw our beer, following our ritual service. Customers who execute it better, They will be rewarded and visit our brewery in Leuven to enjoy a weekend full of experiences.

5- During the month of June, there have been two events for the launch of Stella Artois, one in Barcelona and one in Madrid and in which participated the director of our newspaper, Diego Coquillat. What they have included these days?

We have used these events to launch Stella Draught Masters. We want to raise the barrel experience allowing consumers to enjoy a Stella always perfectly served in its iconic chalice. We invite our customers and distributors to train them, but also we took the opportunity to show what we do with the brand in Spain.

We show them how we partner with good food, and so we have the presence of 2 Michelin star chefs, Carlos Gaig Y Juan Antonio Medina, who designed a specific pairing menu to the nuances of Stella and everyone could enjoy.

And finally We talk to them about how to differentiate our brand through, and around that topic, who better than Diego to talk about differentiation in the era of digital transformation in hospitality and share with all their knowledge about how to use the new trends our advantage to differentiate ourselves from our competitors.

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