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Stories Instagram Does the new Boom advertising for restaurants?


Since in 2013 the company run by billionaire Mark Zuckerberg failed in buying Queen social network ephemeral content, Snapchat the not inconsiderable figure of 3.000 millions of dollars, Facebook founder focused all their efforts on getting create applications that do face this contender.

Some of them were Slingshot, that failure because its interface was not clear, MSQRD, which later it was included as an option in applications already running, Messenger Day, O similar characteristics It offered to Snapchat as adding users through scanning of a code, an option that implemented Facebook Messenger in April 2016.

However, Zuckerberg's triumph over Snapchat came with the creation of the known Instagram Stories in August 2016. Operation and ephemeral characteristics are similar to those of its competitor, but what truly defined his success were the 150 millions of users who used it when he had only been a year since its launch, against the 158 million Snapchat. Later and after the positive reaction, This idea was implemented in its other star platforms, creating stories Facebook and Whatsapp states.

What do the Stories to your advertising strategy?

Fundamentally, their contributions are 3:

  • It is an innovative format that many companies still use, the public reacts better these ads. In addition to paying less for your these.
  • The Stories format is a favorite For the users. You impactarás in your audience closely and effectively.
  • Full screen format It lets you create stunning graphic pieces that will keep the user until the end of the ad.

What types of ads can I create in Stories?

The Stories of Instagram work with several of the advertising targets Facebook. As you remember, Instagram ads are created from Facebook, so you'll need to connect both accounts in the settings of your fanpage. Although the most commonly used is that of “Scope”, that is to say, show your ad to as many people as possible with your budget. They are used for different purposes:

  • Increase community of followers
  • Dates in your restaurant
  • Getting online booking
  • Promoting new dishes, Chef's Special, premieres, etc.
  • Contests and Sweepstakes

For advanced users, it is possible to perform remarketing using Stories, for example, show a discount to users who have already visited your website but have not formalized the reservation or purchase.

It creates your first ad Stories It's easy!

All you need to keep in mind when creating your ads are Stories measures the image and video length.

  • for images, the measure should be used in the ad layout is 1080 x 1920 pixels
  • For videos, to be displayed in should not exceed Stories 15 seconds long

Given these characteristics, It only remains create outreach campaign in the same way that you would for Facebook. Stories for display in just go to the section “Location” the set of ads and disable all options minus Stories.


A) Yes, your ads will only be shown at this location, so you can check its effectiveness. Remember, depending on what you want to achieve with ads, you can always include a URL so that users can access your web (If you promote online reservations, for example).

Tips and Tricks for perfect ad

  • forget not add CTA (action button) your designs (Reserve now, Call and reserve, Come prove, Pre-Order here…)
  • Create multiple images / videos by changing text and images to see which one gets better results in your audience.
  • If you have the option of include links to your ad, do it through URL shorteners to measure how many visits came from this ad
  • Do not flood your audience. Choose a frequency of 1 print each 5 day minimum.
  • If your ad must contain a lot of text, create video. So you will not be penalized with the standard 20%

At Stories Instagram they are called “ephemeral content”, although ephemeral has nothing, because statistics say so. Impact on the user effectively without being too intrusive. If you have any active campaign at this time, Do the test: creates a duplicate of that campaign, modifies images or videos to adapt to this new location and measured results in days. I'm sure we'll reason.

Do not tell me Better tell stories STORIES!

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