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Practical suggestions for making Christmas menus at your restaurant


The menus of the holidays are already available in most restaurants, get place to dine in a restaurant on Christmas Eve, It becomes almost an odyssey as many close and many others, squares are already covered. Restorers are prepared for these dinners where delivered to the customer will enjoy and in which the delicacies, good wines and soft drinks have a key role.

If you have not designed the menu for the holidays you can even prepare a special menu for Reyes-, Here we suggest some that practical suggestions for lunch or dinner, it does not turn into a nightmare.

Before raising the menu must take into account the sale price of the same, so we must first observe and study our market to launch a tentative offer. Remember that Tonight costs are not the same, if the raw material, light, Water, gas ... but no staff its cost is somewhat higher due to public. Without naming the king that night is most in demand and price increases staff.

We analyze some dining suggestions ...

Make proposals dishes for the Christmas menus

Cold dishes

We must opt ​​for dishes that do not require immediate preparation to remove them from the kitchen with the greatest possible immediacy. I mean that, if we have a salad with caramelized goat cheese, we may have previously developed. Or if the salad takes some time sauteed prawns, we can probably sauteed before them and keep them in the table hot oven or over.

Another example, It would have a crispy chicken rolls to decorate our salad and we will do the same operation as the previous dish.

Soups and creams

This section is simple since we can prepare beforehand or days before provided that its conservation is correct. As for the operational, The simplest is to make a water bath to keep the hot broth. Always remember to boil or lift, in the hospitality slang, soup or cream to avoid any health problem.


Here we must be especially careful to point fish. If you do grilled, I recommend service mark before the skin, arrange it on baking sheets and baked finish at the time of pass. It will be easier to give your perfect cooking. On the contrary, añádele some salsa. other alternatives, They can be candied, cooking sauce or gratin.


Choose meats like steak or tenderloin will be difficult task since customers will reach at the same time, even late, and if Eve, pressed grapes staff room and kitchen. Try meats you can control the point, wound, roles, fillers,... alternatives that will help you impress and not fail for lack of time to meet them all at once.


These snacks are and will always the icing on the menu. This is easy, a dessert with chocolate with a red detail and a glass of cava, They are a perfect trinomial. If you do a themed menu, adapts dessert at the same.Or if you do combinations, do not stop using cherries, the chestnuts, nougat cream, the almonds, polvorones, etc. deeply rooted to our Christmas table products.

alterative, suggestions and proposals to implement them in your restaurant. Also extrapolated to business menus or your day.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Chef, sommelier and gastronomic consultant. Management expert Food and Beverages in the hospitality industry, advises numerous brands of the food industry and restaurants in the development of cards, wines, distillates and cost control. Balanzino Manu is the founder and director of the digital newspaper, The Gourmet Journal, a referential publication of the culinary field. further, He is editor in magazines specializing in food and wine both nationally and internationally.


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