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Restaurant subscription, a model that grows with the digitization of the sector


Today it is very common to be subscribed to different digital services that allow the user to access a series of exclusive content based on the type of subscription they have, we all know how subscribing to services as popular as Netflix works, Amazon, Spotify or the hundreds of applications that invade our smartphones.

But the question we ask ourselves is Can we subscribe to a food service from a restaurant?

Digitizing restaurants, and the new technological habits that connect customers with restaurants open infinite opportunities in the way of marketing their products and services, and without a doubt the subscription service to the restaurant or to any of its products, it is already a reality that does not stop growing every day with new examples.

In this newspaper we talk about it in the year 2019 with the article titled “Burger King launches subscription service, by 5$ a month you get a coffee a day”. In this article we want to show you other examples that are beginning to appear and that can turn restaurant subscription into a new digital trend within the industry.

Restaurants are still highly dependent on the delivery. And so it will continue during the slow process in which customers will regain confidence in physical or face-to-face establishments..

For this reason, emerging trends like the dark kitchens or virtual restaurants are a great support for hoteliers. These establishments closed to the public allow them to operate with maximum efficiency and obtain optimal returns on their activity. Niche growth exceeds 100% annual long. Therefore, it is not uncommon to see how these initiatives are becoming more common..

Coolgreens is a brand specialized in salads and healthy fresh products that promises to make good use of the virtual methodology. Among its star dishes are the Caesar salad with kale, the burritos with oregano, the spicy avocado crunchy sandwich, the bowl of superfoods (kale sprouts, spelled, potatoes, blueberries, honey with lemon…) or the banana chocolate chip cookies.

Until very recently it has traditionally operated as a restaurant to use. It has more than ten stores distributed throughout the southern half of the United States.. UU.: Florida, Texas, Nebraska and Oklahoma. It is right in the latter state where the brand has its headquarters.

The objective of this teaching is to bring healthy food to all corners of the country. At the moment it is doing very well thanks to its good rate of expansion and now, thanks to the opening of the new ghost kitchen located in the city of Orlando (Florida), they pretend to speed up the pace.

The new location serves as a pilot test for the company. They are not only testing the innovative model of virtual restaurants but also the options of delivery include some modifications with respect to the rest of the establishments.

Coolgreens has made available to its customers a ingredient kit delivery service. Denominated as The Weekender, It is a package to prepare two company dishes for eight people. In order to promote this new section to the maximum, orders have a 25% off while these lines are being written.

But without a doubt the most interesting system that the company has established is a weekly subscription. There are two types available: one in which burritos are received and another where the dishes delivered are salads.

With a reduced price of 35 Dollars, Customers who opt for this subscription service will have the right to four meals a week. Those interested only have to choose what food to receive one day in advance and the next day they will receive the requested dish at home at lunchtime..

According to manager Humza Idrees, by offering a subscription service, are providing nutritious meals that help diners maintain a healthy lifestyle.

However, They are not the only brand specialized in salads and healthy fresh products that have been interested in the model.

Saladworks, another similar letter brand founded in 1989 and more than 100 operating restaurants in EE. THE. (and even some in Canada, United Arab Emirates and Singapore), has launched its first ghost kitchen recently. He has done it thanks to the colaboration with Kitchen United.

The president of Salata Salad Kitchen, a company based in Houston (Texas) has repeatedly shown an interest in ghost kitchens. The company's digital investments prevented its bankruptcy after the coronavirus crisis erupted.

The recent acquisition of Chowbotics by by Dash could point to a possible use of the robotics development company for restoration in the field of ghost kitchens. DoorDash has yet to comment on the matter, but compatibility between Chowbotics and DoorDash Kitchens phantom kitchens is high.

Even in Spain fresh products such as Hawaiian pokes have great relevance in the shared kitchens that are beginning to emerge in our geography: Poke Kitchen in the Cook Rooms de Glovo, Hanai en Food Haven, O POKE Yes in Cuyna with the support of Lanzadera, to name a few.

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