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Sushi Singularity, the first hyper-futuristic restaurant that digitizes the food and experience


If you've ever taken you convince your mother that a raw fish restaurant sushi It is a true delight, It will cost much more to explain the peculiar concept Sushi Singularity.

This restaurant, which will open next year in Japan, promises to cause a stir. Sushi Singularity is an innovative restaurant raised to the nth power. But perhaps he has passed ... It is up to our readers: to eat at this restaurant sushi Potential customers will have to be done several bioanálisis First; stakeholders receive at home a small case with vials and pipettes where they will have to deposit stool samples, urine and saliva.

What reason answers this unusual request?

Sushi Singularity intends to take a step further personalized service, addressing the special dietary requirements of your guests by studying their health. Thanks to the samples will be sent by customers and bioassays in the laboratory associated with the establishment, this place aims to provide personalized nutrition health spurred the visitors that are dropped by the place.

And that, neither will normally. When preparing sushi, The restaurant will feature a couple robotic arms that shall assist the itamae. Thanks to them, the creations based on raw fish of the most coveted varieties will be realized through a 3D printing process based on food.

Those who have no qualms about sending their feces mail at the restaurant can then enjoy marine micropillars cell culture eel or tuna. Two creations that are part of the repertoire of colorful sushi options available and promise not to leave indifferent to any of the guests who pass the selection process.

Although the idea may be far-fetched, the reality is that the company behind this project has already tested the waters before. Open Meals, the company responsible for the future Sushi Singularity, He has already successfully implemented other five cutting-edge bets which at the time they were interpreted as madness but today more and make more sense.

A) Yes, his journey began with experience Digital Oden through which food artificially reproduced by using nutritional data. Subsequently they stepped forward to create Foodbase, macro data base containing information on each of the recipes that have collected over time.

His next breakthrough was Pixel Food Printer, a system of 3D printing food made thanks to a superb precision machine that offered opportunities never before seen in the market.

Sushi Teleportation It was his first approach to a number of concepts that will see the light in Sushi Singularity: robotic arms equipped with 3D printing food, sushi and interaction between users and data feed through a link cloud. The event took place at the South by Southwest SXSW de Austin (Texas, OF. UU.) was the prelude to Cube, digital system standardized food Open Meals.

Finally it will be the turn of the sixth initiative of the company. Sushi Singularity is advertised as "a sushi restaurant experience hiperfuturista" and promises to become a banner of the fifth revolution powered by digitizing food.

We do not know if you get, what we can assure is that the experience they offer is cutting edge, bold, pioneering and controversial. Would you dare to try it?

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