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SwingCash, an app that you pay for the time you spend in restaurants


Swing Applications Ltd. He has created a app free mobile distribution App Store it is possible to use more than 175 restaurants with which the company has partnered in New York (OF. UU.).

The application installation is very simple and develops as any other app Mobile downloaded at the Apple store. In order to use the benefits of the tool the user must be over 17 years and have an account PayPal his name.

Indeed, SwingCash offers rewards are cash, fact that separates other categorically apps Similar phones that offer gifts, discount coupons or similar. With SwingCash a deposit at the end of each month after accounting for how many hours of service received have been paid.

And with hours of service we mean the time you've been in partner restaurants. The app serves as a platform from which the owners of the establishments can run a strategy marketing for restaurants peculiar: have people on the premises giving the appearance that the place is more popular than it actually is.

This compromise between the user and the restorer is beneficial for both. In the App Store they can be checked how some Internet users have been enjoying the advantages and benefits of SwingCash: the most determined have generated until 200 dollars a month just to make up the bar or lounge, while others have paid their drinks rewarded with money. However, not to delude itself with large amounts indicated; desde Swing Applications, in its press release, report that the usual amounts are around the 20 dollars a month.

Moment are very few bars, cafes and restaurants offering this possibility. And logically, most are unknown businesses that need an initial push to attract customers organically. Some of the most important are the Brother Jimmy’s, he Clinton Hall or the City Winery de Manhattan.

In any case, a quick look at the pages of Instagram Y Facebook reveal that the team Amy Ridge, Applications Swing executive director and cofounder of the company, He is working to expand the number of restaurants participating in the program. As it intuits your comments, the plan is to increase the scope of SwingCash to activate app Mobile when entering a restaurant resulting daily action.

The host for the first year of operation of the application has been very positive, But there's still too much to do. Can he become Amy Ridge vision a reality or will end up struggling to develop new relationships with restorers? Reading what people have to say about SwingCash, we feel positive about.

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