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Spanish or Chinese top cover


They thrive in our cities and is an increasingly common sight; bars and restaurants are transferred to new owners of Chinese origin. In fact in the last year, these have involved more than 37%. Since the beginning of our recent crisis has accentuated this phenomenon and arguments between legality and illegality, transparency or not such business models, They are mixed. Definitely, It is not my interest to enter this article in this kind of dispute. My will is another.

Socio-economic reality of our country has boosted a new way to manage the world of business, in which group work this community is more than indispensable and, certainly he can do and certainly well.

Teaming involves not only meet a number of individuals with a certain profile, but it involves consideration of a large amalgam of aspects that give great complexity to this issue. So important you will have the task type as personal skills of each member and the kind of interpersonal relationships established between them.

The mentality of Chinese restaurateurs in Spain

He had never talked so much about innovation or tradition of the cover and in general of Spanish cuisine, hasta la irrupción del llamado por algunos “peligro asiático”. It's more, Internet is flooded with blind tastings of traditional Spanish tapas certain that they are "stuck" for Chinese restaurants. Actually this kind of economy is based on the maxim of view, where the other markets saw crises, los asiáticos divisaban oportunidades.

A popular consideration is that this type of business just imitate (commonly said copied), when Really They are highly innovative. The new China really capitalist society imposes stiff competition as a principle.

There is a book that every business manager should read, entitled "The Art of War "by Sun Tzu. Entre sus grandes citas hay una que destacaría y que hace referencia a la necesidad de innovación y aprovechamiento de la oportunidad: "A quick win is the main objective of the war. Si la victoria tarda en llegar, weapons lose their edge and moral decay”.

¿Somos innovadores o nos adaptamos al cambio?

I am sure that, you reader, in any living space: family, job, business,... .has been changed and these have generated any impact on their livelihood. You know then that survival in the daily life and of course in the economy that has touched our lot depends on your talent recognize the signs of change and adaptation to anticipate changes? We talk about innovation times, pero… ¿somos innovadores o simples adaptadores de cambio?

En base a la tipología de estos bares y restaurantes junto con el análisis del comportamiento innovador a nivel micro-económico, Interestingly, these small businesses, because then you have to consider, They maintain overall defensive or reactive strategies to innovation, that is to say, new processes that they incorporate the products are not used as a competitive asset, but these new managers try to capture their market, usually mature, differing only in price.

Today, in the great “war” among economic agents of a mature market such as the restoration is sought achieve the best results and meet the needs of a client: “defeat the enemy and achieve victory”, as would Sun Tzu.

“The Art of War” strategy applied to your restaurant

Now we can see that The Art of War applies not only on the battlefield, sino que lo estamos utilizando en el día a día en muchos aspectos de la vida. In the field of hospitality se trata de una lucha constante contra los negocios locales o globales que están en competencia con el nuestro.

Sun Tzu tells us in his book that we must consider different factors for victory: to get started, las virtudes y talentos que nos permitan poder dominar a nuestro ejército, instill the love between our men. Similarly it is also important to know the weaknesses and strengths of the enemy.

Con esto no quiere dar a entender únicamente algo que parece tan sencillo: “If you want respect, It provides respect”; but also gives us bases y fundamentos que aunque podamos pensar que carecen de toda lógica, really they work in batalla and we can find them a very good useful when making decisions in managing a restaurant.

Siempre debemos estar pendientes de todos nuestros pasos y de cada movimiento del enemigo, ya que de ello dependerá que crezcamos como personas junto con nuestro ejército (our team) and attain victory.

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Doctor of Economics and Director of the Graduate School of the European University of Valencia. With extensive experience in developing and implementing innovative projects in companies and organizations. Under a competitive and innovative prism he has worked on creating new products and services, and more efficient ways to manage a business and make it profitable.


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