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Smart lockers for contactless food delivery


Closing business during the toughest times of the pandemic, together with an atypical end of spring and summer in terms of influx of customers in restaurants, has put a great level of stress on a sector that already struggles daily to get ahead.

Thus, the professionals of these businesses are exploring any possibility to improve their service in the face of a population reluctant to visit crowds of people, how can they be terraces, bar bars or restaurant rooms. One of the fronts that are generating the most interest in the months after the first wave of the SARS-2 is the mobility market or delivery, as we have already commented extensively in this digital newspaper.

In Spain there are several large operators within this niche, increasing market volume. Some of the companies that stand out here are Uber Eats, Just Eat, Deliveroo O Glovo. Other companies bet on having fleets of salaried delivery men, something very typical in some fast food chains.

However, although Spanish consumers have a wide range of options when ordering food to take home, this is not always ideal, after all, a true contactless experience is impossible if the delivery person has to hand-deliver the order to the end customer.

To remedy this scenario, some home delivery companies were quick to encourage delivery at the door of the house, without the diner having to interact with the delivery staff. The idea was copied directly to some private postal companies that were doing their day-to-day work in this way., speaking anyway through the door, with it closed, with the recipient (for example to write down the number of the national identity document).

Another solution that appeared early given its enormous simplicity and simplicity of implementation was the curbside pickup. Although this is not a purely option contactless, the person who made the order for takeaway I didn't have to go into the store, and therefore was more protected against any potential contagion of coronavirus that could occur within the establishment, where, in addition to the people who work there, there are also clients whose health status is unknown.

These first options proliferated during the first weeks of the pandemic, but now that it's been a while, more elaborate proposals begin to emerge, based on innovative technologies, that would allow food delivery at home in a more controlled way, neat and safe.

One of the launches that has generated the greatest expectation has been the smart locker from Colony. Presented in Chicago (OF. UU.) he 6 May with the name of Smart Locker, This lockable compartment limits the risk of contagion when delivering any type of item, including food.

It is a shelf made of metal marquetry that can be installed on a pole or anchored to a wall.. The enclosure is robust and resistant to any type of aggression, whether inclement weather, accidental knocks or deliberate attacks to try to gain access to the goods housed inside, which can be seen thanks to the methacrylate front panel.

The smart locker works fully automatically and without contact. The dealer does not have to touch the Smart Lock, and neither does the recipient. The system opens thanks to a software linked with a app which controls when the door should be unlocked.

The smart locker can be used in various ways. Restaurants with a significant turnover in the mobility market can use the Smart Lock to prevent delivery men from entering the premises. In this way, deliverymen will use the app to collect the order they have to transport, reducing temporary inefficiencies in store pickup and minimizing delivery times. In the same way, by automatically identifying the order, possible human errors are eliminated, which in turn leads to greater customer satisfaction and a superior user experience.

On the other hand, The ticket office can be installed at strategic points from the city, entrances to residential complexes and urbanizations, or outside the restaurant in question so that the customer can pick up the food on their own without having to come into contact with the staff of any business or service. In this case, it is the end customer who uses the app mobile to gain access to the inside of the locker.

Colony is a company with a long history in shared economy solutions and urban furniture, having developed bicycle exchange points, smart parking and other solutions for the day to day of the interconnected city of the future. The Smart Lock is just one more step in that direction, a sort of automated left-luggage office for items delivered under the delivery.

With the smart locker already on the market, now Koloni is building relationships with local businesses in Chicago, rest of EE. THE. and even in the rest of the world, to expand an idea that, clearly, will help minimize the number of infections coronavirus and it will also partially recover consumer confidence, something especially important right now.

Kyle Shecker, co-founder, indicates that this solution contactless returns control to restaurants in these delicate circumstances in which the regulations applicable to the sector are fickle, remains in constant change, and you never know if it will evolve for the better or for the worse.

The entrepreneur further indicates that, regardless of the situation in which the restaurants are located, the Smart Lock has a positive effect on the economic performance of the establishments by reducing order service times takeaway. So that, Although it is not clear if the Smart Lock will expand fast enough to be useful in this coronavirus crisis (maybe we will have vaccine or cure before), What is clear is that a gap can be made among the restaurants that offer service to pick up in store, an alternative to business on-premise traditional that is gaining more relevance in recent years.

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