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Taxi Butler: the new device MyTaxi and Aplus for restaurants


MyTaxi and specialized agency HORECA channel, Aplus Gastromarketing, present Taxi Butler, a new device to order taxis in restaurants in a quick way and intuitive.

When you get to a restaurant you want it put everything on a plate, true? That is what this device, to make it easy for the customer. In fact, It is not the client who has to use it, Restaurant workers are. But it is as simple as pushing a button. Yes, only one.

The device features a single button! With that button calls a taxi, one or you need. It's really easy. Check out the video to see how it works:

As you have seen, steps to execute the request are very easy. There is also the possibility of requesting a taxi up to seven seats, which it is an advantage when it comes to business group meals and celebrations.

The taxi will be paid by the customer or, if the owner wants to have a detail with a special customer, It can also be paid from the restaurant. Definitely, a big step in the digital transformation of the restaurants.

I have translated into five simple steps how you can request the service:

  1. Taxi Butler order a device for your restaurant.
  2. Push the button to order a taxi.
  3. Within seconds locates the driver.
  4. Notifies you when you have arrived.
  5. You also have option to cancel or ask for more.

How much Taxi Butler?

Is totally free, and you can order from now if you have a catering business in cities of Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla and Valencia.

yes, They are only available while stocks last. So you have to hurry to get.

Order Taxi Butler is also very easy. You just have to write the email taxibutler@aplusmk.com or call (+34) 91 732 48 66. We certify thee we'll get as soon as possible so you can offer this new service in your business. A safe bet, definitely, customer will like and place your favorite restaurant among.

About the Author

Considered one of the most influential gastronomic marketing professionals in Spain, Diego Olmedilla is president of Aplus Gastromarketing, Director General of Facyre and has been Director of Marketing for Active FEHR, the marketing division of the Spanish Federation of Hotels and Restaurants.


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