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Do you tatuarías the logo of your restaurant if they improve their results?


A bet is a bet and Denny Mary Post, CEO chain burgers Red Robin, I knew it. For that reason, as well as a professional is a woman of her word, now you have a burger tattooed on his shoulder, to the delight of the entire workforce. And is that this directive chain Red Robin He bets with employees of your organization if they were able to improve scores that measured customer satisfaction in a given period of time, she would tattoo.

Over the past year They have been receiving the opinions of diners across devices present at the tables. They should vote on a scale of 0 al 10 if they would recommend the restaurant to a friend. Last year they got a increase 30% in the number of opinions, which left not being a good indication.

An outstanding restaurant of customer feedback

And is that that customer satisfaction has been more than tangible, as it has been demonstrated in the accounts of the restaurant chain. To the surprise of Post, total revenue rose Red Robin 1,8% in the fourth quarter of 2016, while the average income of other similar restaurants fell into a 4,3%. In that year revenue grew 3,1% against falling 3,3% industry.

Post confesses proud and surprised at the same time, since no such sharp rise expected. "I proposed a goal that seemed a real challenge. I did not think I was selling my arm ", he confessed Directive.

And precisely on that limb is where now the CEO of the company can show your new tattoo. After narrow your choice 3 options, Post let employees vote with applause the final design. The winner was Billy Burger holding a heart where Red Robin was written.

Votes to choose the tattoo design

The directive admits that the process was less painful than I thought, though now He has set the bar very high in just extra motivation for your employees. Once done, Post watched the drawing engraved ink on your skin thinking about having to attend an interview in the future, although in its internal jurisdiction, the CEO has the idea of ​​retiring at Red Robin. This company, which has promoted him 3 times since joining 2011, It is his passion and now with the Restaurants growth fast casual.

according to Post, the decision to attend Red Robin by customers in a 50% of cases it is the result of improvisation, but with trends such as delivery or home delivery, as well as the aforementioned potential restaurants fast casual, the directive sees a huge growth potential in your company.

We will be watching to see what other nifty They will occur rewards to motivate their teams because surely no waste.

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