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Mobile marketing trends for restaurants 2017


Currently restaurants have a new consumer profile, This is permanently looking for new experiences that allow you to enjoy the best entertainment and dining experience. To give them, and find new alternatives to their restaurants common, people rely increasingly their mobile phone. The catering industry has realized this and now is immersed in a process of advertising diversification whose main objective is mobile devices.

Nevertheless, define a strategy marketing mobile success is not easy due to the large number of factors involved in the final result. To shed some light on this subject, Here are some initiatives that can help you improve the results of your restaurant's mobile advertising campaigns..

Always choose a web design that suits the mobile view

We must bear in mind that potential customers are not going to give us more than eight seconds of their attention so that we try to offer them a product. It's more, according Latitude, a 61% from the people generates a more satisfactory opinion about those brands that offer optimized mobile navigation (o responsive) in its pages.

Besides the bad impression that may cause a website that does not provide proper display, poor usability can lower customer satisfaction level seeking information about a company, you want to order food or book in a restaurant.

Positioning face, should remember that Google prioritizes searches those sites with design web responsive against those who have not adapted. This is very important since all marketing strategy should start precisely with improve the website's relationship with search engines.

trust on social networks

Definitely, one of the actions that can offer us the most advantages to promote a hospitality business is to maintain a dynamic profile on social networks. Not in vain, people who use their mobile as a preferred means of Internet access, invests much of your browsing time on them.

Definitely, one of the actions that can offer more advantages to promote a hospitality business is to maintain a dynamic profile in social networks. Fixed spread

The implications of achieving a high level of popularity there are many, but mainly it acts on these fronts:

1.- Increases sales: We must not forget that each social network in which we are represented represents a promotional platform completely free that we must take advantage of to get leads. A great example of how to do this is to place a "book" button on the fan page From Facebook.

2.- Improve rankings in search engines: A site's posts will rank better if generate interest in users through Social Networks. It is shown that there is a connection between the different relevant digital platforms.

3.- Give the product social proof: If a meal is the best, let's not be afraid to subject it to evaluation. Remember that people trust their immediate environment when it comes to deciding, so that favorable comments regarding a product or service can promote consumption by other users.

Uses SMS Marketing

Consumers still use Mobile to receive SMS, as recent studies prove, ensuring a 81% of mobile users send and receive messages regularly.

He SMS Marketing alludes to the use of text messages that allow the opening of a communication channel with the client. This is useful for disseminate promotions, announcing new products or simply loyalty a client.

Advertising SMS marketing technique poses a short interaction, direct and attractive with the receiver of the message and opens a contact path or places a CTA (Call to Action) to redirect you to a Landing Page specifically designed to get a valuable conversion.

Usa Adwords, platform Google mobile ads

Google AdWords allows you to publish ads in the form of texts or images and deliver them to users of your search engine who are very close to the bottom of the sales funnel. If also the possible client has a browser WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) you can receive suggestions at the top of your search screens and among them you can find our restaurant.

On the operation of AdWords They have run rivers of ink, so I will not go too much into it, but it is worth noting an interesting utility that can be included in ads. It's about the button Click to Call, a direct link with a phone contact reservations or customer service.

Another very practical functionality that Google makes available to everyone, It is the possibility of include the location, Web address, and the phone of a business for free in Google My Business, also it helps positioning a restaurant in search results by URL and in the plane.

As we have seen, There are many ways to take advantage of mobile browsing habits that users have, potential customers in your restaurant. If we are to succeed in the new digital era, define a marketing strategy taking into account the current reality of consumer advertising and direct actions such platforms, effectively will lead us to turn those users into diners.

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