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Marketing trends for restaurants that every manager should know


If you are thinking of opening a restaurant or a place where food is sold, because today the possibilities are vast, the manager or head of new business should take into account the tastes of customers are changing, both time, and geographically.

He marketing for restaurants should pay particular attention both offer a good product to be transformed into good dishes, and optimal service. But today is not enough for a Restaurant succeed. It is vital to observe the competitive advantages of the nearby local, studying the keys to those who are succeeding and research over the Internet for trends which at this time they are excelling in the sector.

The large chain hotels and independent restaurants, with a unique local, committed to focus on the customer, generating an experience that makes you feel special. Local location, its size, the decoration, the letter, extras and details, They are increasingly important in choosing a restaurant.

Marketing trends for restaurants

1.- Restaurants in increasingly smaller spaces

Gone are the great restaurants that resembled wedding halls by size. The offering several dining rooms to serve more people better. Now it attracts much smaller. Basically because customer service is better and more personalized.

The chains have stopped looking for larger premises where established and the trend is located in small local, the calls Express, that may not even have table service.

There is more to see the new place that Ricardo Sanz It has opened in the terminal 4 Madrid Airport: few tables but all the flavor of the dishes of Japanese cuisine top quality award-winning chef.

2.- Always quality over quantity

Not to be confused with shortages in what is served, is better to offer a limited number of dishes, who can be developed with excellence, they have an extensive menu where the quality of what is not taken into account is offered.

If he menu is not extensive, the stock is much more controllable and product losses or losses will be lower, since it is easier to calculate how much you need of each raw material for dishes. further, customers can distinguish each establishment according to their specialties, a key competitive advantage to differentiate.

3.- New sales channels

New trends are increasingly requested. And it is that not all consumers want the same experience when they decide they do not feel like cooking dinner. He will prefer to go to a restaurant, but increasingly there are those who want take the food home, or enjoy an evening outdoors while enjoying your favorite dishes.

In Spain they are the most advanced startups industry: examples as Just-Eat that carries food to customers home or even hiring a chef at home with TakeaChef.

4.- New forms of customer communication

Many restaurants have opened new lines of communication to book and to purchase food. Internet, mobile, twitter, whatsapp, Local pickup, home service, etc. Each customer can decide how to enjoy the signature dish of a letter.

5.- known flavors to develop new dishes

The consumer wants to identify with the flavors. A great example is in the world of desserts, By using cookies known to prepare current recipes. Do the consumer evoke memories or experiences through the palate you get to a point of indisputable distinction for your restaurant.

6.- Revival of traditional cuisine

There is a clear trend return to tradition, to vintage. And as for food, There are many restaurants that have adapted or reinventing traditional dishes of each place. Reusing traditional recipes, Besides, It helps customers to consume less determined new dishes, local approach.

7.- The triumph of “glocal”

You can not say that the large restaurant chains have no place in the hospitality market today. But yes, which increasingly must take more account of the eating habits of places where they are established and the likes of these consumers for a successful business. global trends with local products.

Even restaurants that specialize in one particular type of cuisine, offer Adaptations by region where are. A) Yes, there are few who make the local Japanese sushi using local raw materials, it away from products with which is made in Japan.

In the same way We are witnessing the rebirth of a healthy trend in all respective to feed and so are many restaurants, or they are stocking up on food found in their immediate environment, or they are preferring cultivate their own gardens on the terraces and roofs of their restaurants.

Either way, here you have a good review of the most important trends that restaurant manager or catering business should know, we hope you serve.

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Article by the editorial team of DiegoCoquillat.com. It has professionals both in the field of hospitality, gastronomy and tourism, and new technologies and innovation.



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