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Tesla plans to install restaurants and drive-ins at its supercharger stations


The eccentric billionaire Elon Musk it is news again. It has recently been known that it intends to revolutionize its superchargers with a somewhat retro addition: autocines.

Superchargers Tesla are charging stations for the company's electric vehicles. Unlike homemade electrical outlets, these stations have anchors that operate at a high amperage, thus allowing the car to refill its battery in record time.

What time are we talking about? Well around an hour. It is not a tasteful dish for the driver to have to refuel for so long, That is why the technology giant explores all kinds of solutions to this unproductive wait. One that is taking a more serious turn is the creation of a shopping complex around the superchargers.

Superchargers: gas stations in the age of electric automotive

Vehicle electrification promises to turn the world as we know it upside down. The current gas stations will be obsolete and will go out of phase. Tesla knows the value of early market entry, after all, they have been pioneers in one of the most disruptive industries today; that's why superchargers have already begun to proliferate: in EE. THE. there are thousands scattered throughout the geography, in Spain there are around a hundred stations and in Latin America the first.

Although Tesla does not have the most advanced and reliable electric cars on the market, they do have genuinely good energy storage technology. Its batteries far outperform its competitors in relation to cost. And the same could be said for its superchargers.. Hence, they do not understand their charging stations simply as an interaction with the Model S or others, rather they are a strategic investment which also intends to provide service to vehicles of Toyota, General Motors and other manufacturers.

In the future, food stores, roadside restaurants and shows could come together at the same point: tesla superchargers.

This conjecture, supported by some market analysts, has been strengthened recently when it became known that Tesla had submitted the relevant documentation to be granted a protected trade name with which to coin the drive-ins and restoration concepts that it will erect at each refueling point.

Tesla's drive-ins and restaurants

In 2017 Elon Musk began to air the concept. Probably this idea was already on the tables of the engineers long before. After a silence, Tesla's drive-ins and restaurants have come back to the fore.

He 27 May three applications by the giant were filed with the United States patent office. All of them were related to the restaurant sector. Specific, the documents provided by the corporation spoke of self-service buffets, service of restauration, notifications and options for take away.

In this way, the forecast shared by the former Tesla chief technology officer begins to materialize., Jeffrey Brian Straubel, who in the Food Service Technology Conference celebrated in 2017 announced that Musk's empire would break into the world of catering and retail.

As is usual in the tycoon, Elon joked on Twitter indicating that he would set future Angelenos superchargers with a rocker aesthetic straight out of the fifties.: "I'm going to build a car lane and restaurant with rock and old-fashioned skaters on the new Los Angeles superchargers.", commented the iconic businessman. That reality is now closer.

The pandemic has offered a unique situation for drive-ins to become a reality as well. Although vaccination hits marks in the US. UU., it is foreseeable that customers will not return determined to the restaurants as they used to be. Instead, it is to be expected that social distancing and a newly acquired neatness will prevail in the sector.

Drive-ins are the perfect solution to Tesla's waiting problem. They would make it possible to make the spaces even more profitable by offering cinema, food and recharging in one place. The brand's customers would thus be less reluctant to recharge their vehicle outside the home and in the middle of long trips..

Opportunity for franchisees?

One of the most interesting questions that have emerged in connection with this news is whether it is possible that Tesla conceded operating licenses for superchargers. If they opted for this option, they could penetrate the market faster, improve their quarterly accounts and establish collaborations with major players in organized catering such as McDonald’s, Domino’s Pizza, Chipotle, KFC and potentially others.

We will have to be aware to see how this fascinating project evolves.

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