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The Big Quiz: Four questions to bring the digital future of the sector HORECA


These are the questions we all ask in HORECA. What will happen to the digitization? How will the sector in the future? Will it remain so important to work online reputation? How will technology change our relationship with the customer?

I'll help you bring the digital future of the sector and give you guidelines to design your future strategy, answering four key questions

1.- How will the relationship between business and technology HORECA?

The technology will allow the management of customer data, data on health issues such as electronic medical records, telemedicine devices and even that wearables, with the contribution of Big Social Data habits and preferences of a consumer increasingly mobile, ultra-personalize the experience. affordable software, with full integration of all business areas and endowed with artificial intelligence they will take care of everything: from managing stock and purchases to tracking online reputation Restaurant.

If all the prophecies about robotics, artificial intelligence, machine learning o Big Data se cumplen, kitchens will be laboratories dedicated to the construction of new flavors nutritional components and textures. Restorers will handle the design and R & D decision-making with a virtual manager will do the rest.

2.- What is changing digital reputation in the industry?

The reputation of a brand is the past or the fingerprint on the Internet and conversations that are taking place in the daily life of the brand. non Stop. A good one, and today necessary, reputation strategy should be encompassed within a digital culture based on enterprise ecosystem, with active participation of employees and managers.

All things to say about us, the phenomenon is known as amateur content 'user generated content', and how we interact with this community is the body of our reputation online, reflecting the prestige or esteem of a person or brand online.

Beyond the assessment of the food they serve or the space they occupy, I think the reputation is extended to Company values ​​and attitudes that empathize with their customers, internal and external. It is a democratic process that draws business to social trends. A change in business model more aware of their relationship with society, their values ​​and influences. Technology is the key factor for this relationship.

In this sense, What is the next step? In my opinion, the next big thing by the restorer will be managing authentication reputation. also process automation that can provide real-time information for decision-making.

3.- How should prepare the HORECA business needs for the next five to ten years?

And we both generate and measure and analyze online presence. In my opinion, businesses get the reputation convert into a competitive advantage will be those who understand the need for differentiate between visibility and reputation.

Know how Make this reputation into a strategic tool in the creation / revision of the business model and automate processes for maximum reading of data will allow high speed make decisions to influence the marketing and revenue using Big Data Analytics, Artificial intelligence and predictive analytics.

4.- What will happen to the pantry restaurant?

Well, we will find a mix. Pantry restaurants will consist of a sum of traditional food production and food components industry. Chefs work with physics, biology, neurology, physiology, psychology, nutrition or dietetic as disciplines. And they will do with production equipment designed for high efficiency and sustainability focused more disruptive forms of food / experience.

Now that you know where it will evolve the sector in the medium term, Start designing your strategy. We help you get.

In matters of technological innovation and digitalization, We have a goal: Share knowledge to grow together and generate sustainable business and happy.

About the Author

Trend research, innovation and strategy, consultant and lecturer. Director of Hospitality 4.0 HIP Congress Madrid. Founder and Director of HorecaSpeakers. Professor of Basque Culinary Center, OSTELEA / EAE and other business schools. Handbook author Neo Innkeepers Valientes.


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