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The Perennial Farming Initiative invites Californians restaurants to add an environmental fee of 1%


California (OF. UU.) She is particularly involved when caring for the environment. He has suffered first hand the effects of climate descontrol, which has facilitated the arrival of prolonged droughts which in turn promoted fires of hell sizes. He has been a victim of the greed of big business, that they have contaminated the water of its rivers and seas, and desiccated aquifers. The level of wealth in the cities of California It has resulted in a progressive society, willing to show empathy with the world's problems, even when doing so involves sacrifices.

Why not surprising that a number of individuals and companies has been put to work to raise funds that would be used to develop a sustainable food more responsible and fight with deplorable that predict future planetary data.

Under the name of The Perennial Farming Initiative, a number of Californian citizens have joined in a collaborative effort to achieve a sustainable food system to ensure that the culinary heritage, natural, territorial and economic not demeaned unbridled consumerism without before a long-term planning.

The people who make this initiative are the most varied. In The Perennial Farming Initiative restorers fit, farmers and consumers alike. Everyone can join.

At present the restorers who wish to participate in this campaign have only to register via the group page. In doing so, promise incorporating an environmental fee of 1% on their bills and acting as collector. The objective of The Perennial Farming Initiative It is reaching 500 restaurants associated with a total collection of nearly a million and a half dollars this year.

The money from businesses catering sector is not the only effort that society is requested.

Together with the collection of restaurants, consumers are required change the public discourse and consumer trends to promote sustainable farming, and to own agricultural and livestock participants (nail 500) They asked a commitment to adapt their ranches, ships, greenhouses and plantations to more responsible farming methods with the natural environment. The ultimate goal is getting food that has a zero carbon footprint.

To develop your plan, The initiative Privy Council consultants 3Degrees, as well as public support from a recognized scientific institution such as the Mesa California Air Resources.

Despite good intentions and the more commendable hosting with much of the population has received The Perennial Farming Initiative since he started to operate in 2018, also they have criticized.

On the one hand some citizens are unhappy with the environmental fee runs transmitted to the final consumer. It reveals that life in California is already sufficiently expensive to further increase food prices.

There is also a children's perspective that climate change anthropogenic It's not real. Next to terraplanismo and the anti-vaccine movement, Holocaust denial on climate change is another problem that insufficient critical education and an obvious lack of contact with the world of science brings. A) Yes, It is no wonder there who Chock the efforts of The Perennial Farming Initiative as a scam orchestrated social elites to enrich themselves.

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In an Op-Ed in The Ecologist (UK), our own Anthony Myint argues “The solution to reducing carbon emissions is not using chard stems or perfecting the stem cell burger. It’s using trillions of dollars to return billions of pounds of nutrients to millions of hectares—shifting to a renewable food system. Re-storing carbon one hectare at a time can help us to fight climate breakdown.” #zerofoodprint #restorecarbon

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As indicated by John Peters in an interview for the channel KOVR CBS Corporation, the effort to those citizens who are struggling to survive are not asked in deplorable personal economic conditions. The idea is, rather, making those who can afford to eat out a little extra contribution to society. According to some estimates, additional input derived from this environmental rate 1% It could be located around 20 cents per person per meal. Overcharged more than justifiable and acceptable.

He chef Christopher Barnum-Dann restaurant localis Sacramento (California, OF. UU.) It stresses that the plan is feasible: "There is more of 78 700 Restaurants in California, if half bind that is almost 40 000 establishments; there is a remarkable amount of money '. Is visible that the goal of The Perennial Farming Initiative, you want to reach 500 partner restaurants (a 0.64% total assets of businesses in the catering industry in California), is more than achievable.

We'll see how the group has developed this 2019 when its annual report is published during the first quarter of 2020. By a sustainable food more responsible, Hopefully you have done well.

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