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TheBestDigitalRestaurants, the prizes to the best restaurants and chefs digital Spain # TheBestDR18


Today is a very important day for the whole team of digital newspaper DiegoCoquillat.com, because after a long time working on this project, we want to present to all our readers and followers awards TheBestDigitalRestaurants2018 – #TheBestDR18.

The first prizes in the world that aim recognize the efforts and work in the digital management of the best restaurants and chefs. We think it is time to honor individuals and teams who daily work managing this disruptive change involved in the process of digital transformation in which is immersed the restaurant industry.

The awards They will be delivered on Wednesday 21 February inside of ExpoHIP, the international fair on digital transformation in the sector HORECA more important than is done in Spain.

We will reward those restaurants or Spanish chefs who have demonstrated during the year 2017 what management of digital environments is one of its major transformative forces.

Have settled three categories will be awarded dentro one TheBestDigitalRestaurants2018:

1.- TheBestDigitalRestaurants_Group: The best chain, group or digital franchise restaurants

2.- TheBestDigitalChef: The best chef or cook digital

3.- TheBestDigitalRestaurants_Indie: The best digital independent restaurant

Winners must have created a digital community around your brand values, He has actively interacted with this community and have made digital initiatives which they have impacted positively the relationship with customers.

Want to join the TheBestDigitalRestaurants2018?

nominated: If you're a chef, an independent restaurant or a group and consider your digital management of the year 2017 It has been exceptional, do not hesitate to nominate and we will study your case.


Partner: If you feel identified with the digital transformation of hospitality industry, restaurants and gastronomy and you want to support these awards, become our partner.

TheBestDR18- It is part of the awards as partner

Want to know the nominees and all information about the awards?

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