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TheFork invests 20 million euros to accelerate the recovery of the hospitality industry in Spain, France and Italy


The hospitality industry has faced one of the worst years in its history. From Hospitality of Spain, the sector's billing losses are estimated at more than one 50%, with the disappearance of more than 300.000 jobs and with close to 85.000 establishments that will not raise their blinds again. A very tough year in which restaurants have done everything possible to keep going and in which TheFork has proven to be by your side by launching multiple initiatives to drive recovery.

Thus, faithful to its commitment to the industry and to continue reactivating consumption and further encourage diners to go to restaurants Europe's leading booking app launches “All to the Restaurants”, a massive and unprecedented campaign, which aims accelerate the recovery of the hospitality industry in Spain, France and Italy and that will involve the injection of, at least, 20 million euros for the restaurant sector in full reactivation of tourism. The initiative has the support of FACYRE (Federation of Associations of cooks and pastry chefs of Spain) who has not hesitated to join this movement to support the sector.

With this campaign TheFork expands its incentive program and offers € 20 to each diner, you have never booked through TheFork, so that it goes out more of restaurants this summer. The initiative will be operational from 15 from July to 15 of September and diners will be able to enjoy this incentive using activation code ALOSRESTAURANTES when they book and pay with the app using TheFork PAY, TheFork digital payment solution that is already active in more than 20.000 restaurants in the 3 countries, more of 3.300 of them in Spain, a figure that will increase throughout the campaign and is expected to reach more than 5.000 restaurants in our country.

Tourism and digitization, keys to reactivating consumption

The reactivation of tourism and the digitization of consumer habits are being key in the economic recovery after COVID-19. The advance of vaccination and the desire of the Spanish to regain "normality" have driven the plans for these holidays. In fact, based on data from the latest TheFork study, he 80% of Spaniards will opt this year for gastronomy and national tourism; a 77% intends to go out to restaurants more this summer than during the rest of the year and two out of three plan to spend more on lunch and dinner out. Some data that, definitely, will reinforce the recovery of the sector and in which TheFork and digitization are playing a fundamental role, since the 40% of diners recognize booking more online than before COVID-19 and the 50% It is clear that this summer you will make your reservations online and in advance so as not to run out of table. In this context, initiatives implemented by

TheFork as loyalty programs, new forms of digital payment (TheFork PAY), Gift Cards or “All for Restaurants” help to accelerate the reactivation and encourage diners to continue consuming and supporting one of the engines of our economy, restoration.

20 million euros to accelerate the recovery of restaurants in Europe

As the main ally of the industry during the last 15 years, TheFork maintains its commitment to support the economic recovery and now, through “Todos a los Restaurantes, wants give a new impulse to that return to "real" normality, so desired by the catering industry, with the injection to the market of 20 millions of euros.

“Hospitality and tourism have been two of the sectors most affected by this crisis with income losses of more than 100 € 1 billion in Europe * and with almost a 20% jobs destroyed worldwide **. Restaurants are a business totally linked to their diners, your success depends on your reserves, and now they need more than ever to increase their clientele to reach pre-COVID-19 levels.

We have to increase consumption, staying as before is not enough, that's why we start “Everyone to the Restaurants ", an unprecedented campaign to support the industry. We are going to invest 20 million euros during the summer to incentivize reservations and bring hundreds of thousands of diners (in addition to existing users) to restaurants in Spain, France and Italy, offering 20 euros to each diner who has never used TheFork. In this way, We will promote the largest movement in the history of restoration that will allow the industry to recover or even exceed the 2019 consumption levels”, Explain Almir Ambeskovic, World CEO of TheFork.

Meanwhile, since FACYRE (Federation of Associations of Cooks and Confectioners of Spain), its president Oops Muñoz highlights how important this initiative is for the sector: “The impact of COVID has been very hard for businesses and catering professionals. Our restaurants have been in a very precarious situation for almost a year and a half. Definitely, We thank TheFork for launching this initiative, that will not only inject a significant amount of money directly into our industry, it will also encourage diners to go out more restaurants, driving the much needed recovery.

How will diners benefit?

Any diner, you have never booked through TheFork, you can benefit from these € 20, by entering the code ALOSRESTAURANTES in the app on your first reservation. The € 20 can be exchanged in Spain, France and Italy in a selection of almost 20.000 restaurants already using TheFork PAY, and where you can find a wide range of gastro experiences, from MICHELIN stars to popular chefs, the trendy restaurants of the moment or those that you cannot miss on summer trips.

How does it work?

  • Download or open la app de TheFork.
  • Discover a wide variety of dining options in the selection TheFork PAY.
  • Reservation a table in the restaurant that best suits you before the 15 September 2021, choose date and time (which may be after that date) and enter the code ALOSRESTAURANTES when booking.
  • Pay after you have enjoyed your lunch or dinner using TheFork PAY. Add the invoice amount and you will find the € 20 already deducted when paying. The deduction is applied as soon as the amount reaches € 21 (tips included).

* Eurostat and European Central Bank
** International Labor Organization

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