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TheFork: more than 80% of Spaniards opt for tourism and national gastronomy this summer

  • The vast majority of respondents (89%) you plan to go on vacation this summer, choosing national destinations like Andalusia (29%), the north of Spain (20%), Balearic Islands (13%) and lift (9%)
  • further, he 75% It is clear that there will be more restaurants and a 67% plan to spend more on these lunches and dinners than during the rest of the year, with an average expenditure of between € 25 and € 35 per person
  • more than 50% of Spaniards confirm that they will book more online than last summer and a 70% points out that he still prefers terraces
  • Among the favorite dishes of this summer for Spanish diners are: paella or rice (62%), fish (47%), salads (45%), seafood (42%) and salmorejo (33%)

It's been a week since summer officially started, a few months marked by fire in the calendar of many Spaniards, especially this year in which the uncertainty has remained until the last moment about whether or not you could travel. According to a recent survey by TheFork, the vast majority of Spaniards (89%) you plan to go on vacation this summer, whatever the destination. A clear symptom of a certain return to normality.

further, after months and months without being able to move freely between one community and another, Spaniards will take more eagerly than ever these summer months to travel to those places that they have had so much desire to step on in this course. Proof of this is that he 47% of Spaniards will go on vacation between one and two weeks and around the 38% will do it more than 2 weeks. Long stays to try to disconnect as much as possible from the routine and in which henear the sea (54%), the local gastronomy (48%) or the good weather (40%) play a decisive role when choosing a holiday destination. yes, sun and beach tourism triumphs one more year for the 57% of the participants, followed by mountain tourism, nature and adventure (12%).

Higher spending on restaurants, more reservations online and on terraces

Regarding the hospitality, TheFork data is also quite encouraging for a speedy recovery. He 77% of the Spanish are clear that more will come out of restaurants during this summer than in the rest of the year and two out of three diners expect to spend more in going out for lunch and dinner. The expected average expenditure is between € 25 and € 35 per person (45%), with a 20% which indicates that you will spend more than € 35 and a 30% which says it will invest less than € 25.

These months we have also seen a gradual reopening of the hotel business in the different Spanish regions, both at lunch and dinner, envisioning an increase in the number of restaurant reservations. A) Yes, he 35% of Spaniards plan to make between one and three weekly restaurant reservations during their holidays, while a 48% plan to do more than three. Without forget, what he 55% plan to do it more than two days in advance so as not to be left without a table.

Likewise, with the arrival of good weather, from the heat and the sun, 7 each 10 Spaniards choose to book on terraces rather than indoors. On the other hand, digitization is once again the protagonist and more than 50% of diners will book more online that in the summer of 2020.

About summer favorites, as has happened in previous years, the paella and the rice remain the first option for the Spanish, being for him 62% of them the star dish during the holidays. further, Do not forget that many diners choose to stay on the coast and that is why, fish is another essential for most of those surveyed (47%). By last, other dishes that are not lacking on the Spanish table are salads (45%), the seafood (42%) and the salmorejo (33%).

The most desired vacation: short notice, as a couple and in the south of Spain

During this summer, just as it happened last year, Spanish society maintains its commitment to increasing national tourism as a counterpart to international tourism. That is why so he 81% of those surveyed affirm that they will travel to Spain in the coming months, mainly in couple (57%), in family (48%) or with friends (32%). Figures that will further help the hotel and restaurant sector after difficult months for the tourism industry.

Among the most selected national destinations by Spaniards, stand out Southern Spain, where he 29% of respondents plan to spend their weeks disconnecting, while other destinations like the north of Spain (20%), Balearic Islands (13%), The uprising (9%), Costa brava (8%) or the Canary Islands (8%) remain the main tourist attractions when planning vacations. Instead, those who are going to choose to travel abroad opt for destinations such as Italy (24%), Portugal (16%), Latin America (13%), France (11%) or Greece (8%).

On the other hand, in the months leading up to summer there has been some uncertainty and the Spanish have waited until the last moment to book. Proof of it, is that he 30% of respondents have made their accommodation reservations between 1 Y 3 months before the holidays, while one in four has not yet decided whether to book or not and prefers to wait until the last minute. By last, he 22% booked with between 3 Y 6 months in advance and only one 8% has done it with more than 6 months.

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