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Time and talent


FirmJosé María Guijarro-Doctor in Economics, from the University of Valenciaa month: José María Guijarro is Doctor of Economics. Professor of Business Unit and Director of the Masters in Innovation and Project Development Business Florida University. Coordinates the Laboratory for Innovation and Entrepreneurship ValenciaLab.

In a world where we have too much of everything, businesses survive only have one recipe. When all cars, all phones, all computers, definitely, all the products, fulfill their function, the value is no longer in the hardware. It is in ideas, design, service and marketing mainly. It depends on being creative and offer something different to attract loyal consumers and employees with more talent.

The new world is different. Forget the old world. Forget what you learned yesterday. Today the human brain is displacing traditional means of production: raw material, Hard labor and capital. Until now, countries were enriched by a combination of these traditional media. Nowadays, these factors are no longer relevant. Currently, you can not only get rich with natural resources, until Pope John Paul II in his encyclical 1991 concluded: "There was a time when the main factor of production was the land, then was capital… Today the decisive factor is man himself, that is to say, your knowledge". Thus, the success of a business depends on a collective brain. Now knowledge is power.

The rapid growth of the Net (World Wide Web) It has made it possible for everyone to access any information from anywhere and anytime. Nowadays, knowledge is transmitted immediately and internationally. Business developments occur at a speed unknown so far. Faculties and schools of economics disclose their knowledge efficiently. In the decade of the sixties, British economy schools had 5.000 MBA students. Nowadays, the figure rises to 85.000. In the U.S 100.000 new MBA are released annually into the labor market and may discover that many of their skills are outdated before graduation. also it never had such a wide open economic space. In the last forty years, international trade has grown 1.500 %. Today, We crossed the world and the seven seas and have international satellite channels, bought magazines from other countries, We see programs around the world and hear the best selling albums of the planet.

The economic reality of our time implies that any company can compete with another. All compete in the international environment. In this new environment, We can not do business as before. We need unusual business, different, innovative, unpredictable and surprising. Do something that the world has not seen before. innovating for, for a short, arrive on time, be unique and be highly competitive. Today, differentiation must come from other fields, for example warranty, customerservice, from image, Offer financing and intangibles. Y, Of course, in people. People can make your company, your product and your service are a unique option. The way that directs and guides his team, at work, It is key in achieving good results or not.

Leadership and management are more important than ever. We live in the era of time and talent, in which we sell time and talent, exploit time and talent, We organize time and talent, and prepare time and talent. Thus, management and leadership are key to gaining a competitive edge. They differ from the rest of its competition, how it attracts, retains and motivates your staff, how it treats its customers and suppliers even more important than technology. The way it is directed and directs a company are essential differentiators. They are the essence of its exclusivity. Because, management more than ever is to become a "human management".

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