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Tiller acquires the Spanish startup artificial intelligence Beesniss


Tiller Systems, technology company that provides a POS solution, Announces Acquisition of artificial intelligence software for restoration Beesniss. For Tiller purchase comes a year after a round of 12 millions of euros, 8 Additional intended for external growth as mergers and acquisitions. With the addition of Beesniss, the company seeks to conquer the European market by offering a solution all in one POS for restaurants and shops.

Tiller was founded in early 2014 and since then gathers 7000 customers 35 countries. The startup proposes a system that not only serves as a selling point, it also lets you manage and analyze business. Among its features are making you command, sales tracking and real-time access to a marketplace of digital integrated solutions.

Beesniss is part of the digital market since early Tiller 2018. With your purchase is to consolidate the relationship: the Spanish startup specializes in intelligent management of orders to suppliers, complementing the portfolio of capabilities Tiller. With an offer that includes stock control, Scanning invoices and personnel management, Beesniss has worked with more than 300 customers to date having franchisees group Restalia.

A complete solution

With the acquisition of Beesniss, Tiller plans to promote technological development and to consolidate the market for digital solutions. Since its inception, the company's goal has been to provide a comprehensive tool to prevent restaurateurs and merchants work with multiple devices and to manage all aspects of the business from the POS. For this they have chosen to join the industry-leading solutions through integrations or, in this case, acquisition.

"Our goal is not only to position ourselves as a POS software, but rather as the gateway to the digitization of any trade ", Louis establishing Vallbona, vicepresidente de Business Development de Tiller. According to Vallbona, purchasing born because companies have the same vision: "We both share a desire for change the status quo the sector by digitizing. We want to offer integrated services to facilitate the day to day restaurateur and improve their operational efficiency ". Currently, Tiller and Beesniss are working on new joint solutions to complement the portfolio of functionalities of POS.

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