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Tiller exceeds one billion euros in monthly transactions


Tiller, technology company that provides a POS solution, has exceeded one billion euros in monthly transactions this 2019. The number represents a 54% growth compared to last year, when customers billed startup 700 million on average each month. The company figures also point to an increase in the volume of transactions per customer, as well as the average ticket.

Tiller was founded in early 2014 and he has since raised more than 16 million euros in funding rounds. The company offers its 8000 customers end to end solution that not only serves as a selling point, it also lets you manage and analyze business. Among its features are making you command, sales tracking and real-time access to a marketplace of digital integrated solutions.

In 2019 the average volume of transactions per month reaches 1200 million euros and the figure continues to rise. "This milestone represents a true pride for our team", Dimitri establishes Farber, cofounder of Tiller. "Today we help thousands of customers build, manage and promote its shops and restaurants and we love watching them grow ". In addition to the overall volume, in comparison with 2015 the value of customer transactions has grown 57% and the average ticket one 14%.

Cash register to ecosystem This is not the only news that Tiller has given this year. In May the company announced the acquisition of the Spanish Beesniss artificial intelligence startup, specializing in the management of orders to suppliers. With your purchase is intended to complement the portfolio of the POS capabilities with advanced tools such as stock control, Scanning invoices and personnel management.

To reflect the change, the company also released a new brand identity. He went from a solution defined as cash register to an ecosystem that brings together multiple solutions for controlling business. Sean combined or used individually, The aim is that Tiller tools "will enable restaurateurs and retailers optimize the management of their businesses". According to its founders, pursues startup conquer the European market by offering a solution "all in one" for entrepreneurs.

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