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All with Leon # LeonCapitalGastronomica2018


For its morcilla, its fabulous corned beef and Wet Quarter, These credentials have been to blame for Lion It has been proclaimed Spanish Capital of Gastronomy for all 2018, after winning the final to rival this year, Cuenca.

In this way, "Lion, royal dainties " may exhibit during the 2018 all the gastronomic benefits that have earned it recognition after finding support from 1.400 guarantees. and replaces Huelva, gastronomic capital 2017.

From the digital newspaper DiegoCoquillat.com we want to join the congratulations current Leon has been collecting en las últimas horas, especially in the social network Twitter.

In fact the impact of this award has been held, que hemos preparado una colección con los mejores tuits de this social network. I hope you enjoy it and, again, Congratulations to # LeonCapitalGastronomica2018!

Los mejores Tuits para felicitar a #LeonCapitalGastronomica2018




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