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Top 10 American restaurants in social networks


In a few days, specifically the 16 al 18 of September, starts in Chicago one of the most important events related to the restaurant industry and social networks in the United States, the second edition of Foodservice Social Media Universe, by the way, para todos aquellos que les interese lo podrán seguir por twitter a través del hashtag oficial #FSMU.

Therefore, they have made an infographic with a ranking of the 10 American chains leading restaurants in the major social networks, I find very interesting and which I have taken 10 conclusions then want to share with you all.

what 10 conclusions:

  1. Las grandes cadenas de la industria de los restaurantes en Estados Unidos son conscientes de la importancia que el Social Media Restauranting tiene para estar cerca de sus clientes y comienza a ver una competencia entre ellas también en los entornos sociales que influirá decisivamente en el futuro de estas empresas.
  2. While we all agree that what matters is the quality and usefulness of the content shared, There is no doubt that today the number of followers, fans or subscribers is what allows you to differentiate yourself and makes you relevant in your market.
  3. Chain Starbuks It is undoubtedly the leader in the industry, occupying four of the top five in the different social networks, With almost 35 million between fans, followers and subscribers, making a comparative, It would be like the 75% of the Spanish population continued this company.
  4. Every time they are having more importance in assessing social data calculating social influence through rates online reputation, in this case we have used the Klout. Mean 10 first American restaurant chains as this index would be 74 points.
  5. Chains generally most outstanding restaurants are Starbucks, McDonald’s Y Subway, closely followed by TacoBell, which is the highest rated in the index Klout, which shows that the amount is not always the most important and despite not having a huge social mass, engancha a sus seguidores y tiene una buena valoración por parte de estos. Me llama especialmente la atención Burger King, which it is the leader in YouTube, a development different from others and very focused on video content, but rather weakness in the rest of social networks and surpassed by far by his eternal rival McDonald’s.
  6. Undoubtedly, the most used social network among the Top 10 Restaurant chains in the United States is Facebook, more than 100 million fans / likes, Followed by Twitter with more than 5 million followers, a very important difference.
  7. Unsurprisingly, a social network as young as Pinterest, He born in the 2011, and it is considered for this type of studies and companies like Starbucks already over 12.000 followers, The growth of this social network is being exponential.
  8. As for mobile applications or APP's, it seems that Yelp It is a very important growing trend and its web is the number 36 among the most visited US with an average of more than 78 million unique monthly visitors. As I mentioned several times in this blog, social recommendations are trading higher.
  9. Instead it seems that Foursquare has not taken off and find your market, In fact, as this infographic, he 74% You recognize that they are unfamiliar with the idea of ​​making “check-in” in different local.
  10. By last, I would like to make a reflection on the invaluable that for these companies is having this amount of followers, something that if we look back just a few years would have been impossible to achieve with traditional channels and will definitively influence the sustainability and valuation of these companies.
Top 10 American restaurants in social networks
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