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Top Reviews Chef show or promote gastronomy?


With the fourth season Top Chef about to end, we are in the position to ask again the effect of such programs is causing both the public and the hospitality sector. Y, I must say, There are opinions for all tastes and flavors. For quite a few years we've seen projects cooks and chefs experts, of different ages and backgrounds on our screens and, evidently, They have caused some effect in the vision of gastronomy and the public's relationship with her.

Now, although we have not used, many known ingredients such as agar or kitchen with nitrogen; We have seen several chicken fricassee prepared and have traveled with fusion cuisine, as is the case of the Peruvian-Japanese Nikkei cuisine. A language that was beginning to be relegated to mothers and grandmothers has spread throughout society through these programs.

But, Has been all there? We know new terms, new techniques and the tremendous work of kitchen equipment restaurants, but we are paying the same show ever, only this time the action is between pans?

A show or a good promotion of gastronomy?

Criticism is served and while, on the one hand, there are those who only see the culinary arts become another great show; on the other there are those who support this resurgence of hard work behind the stove on the small screen. The Royal Academy of Gastronomy signed a statement last August where They supported these programs (Top Chef, MasterChef and Junior MasterChef) as a way of promoting this office.

Rafael Anson, president of the association, He stated in Opinion of Corunna, that "the media reflect what people want and Now people want to know about gastronomy ". further, Anson is convinced that these programs are making what was once "for a few", now become "a charity art, sustainable and satisfactory ".

On the other hand, different items emerged over the years of life of the television gastronomy described this phenomenon as a new way to generate controversy and hearing. Stereotypical roles of the contestants and more appropriate testing Gran Prix that a cooking contest, Marta Miranda as saying in the Comidista, as well as the long minutes devoted to advertising, lead me to believe that share and controversy are the priority. Or what is the same, that beyond dishes or platazos to be carried out in the program, the show must go on.

What is undeniable is that, beyond this, these TV chefs are democratizing the kitchen Y, at the same time, revalorizándola. Because what once was relegated to the morning hours, now it occupies the prime time, and that means something. Having put the cameras in such a reserved space as are the kitchens has a dual function and effect: on the one hand the public knows more and, in consecuense, ask for more. And restoring his due is being able to give.

A specialized public restaurants and gastronomy

To democratize knowledge about the lights and shadows of a catering service in restaurants or hotels, the client becomes extraordinarily demanding. Alberto Chicote we discovered greasy ovens and plates in their "Nightmare in the kitchen" TripAdvisor and recounts the experiences of ordinary people who, like us, You want to enjoy good food. Now everything is no longer valid and that is inevitably good. Why in a country like ours, with a cuisine so characteristic and so many internationally famous recipes, criticism is necessary and constructive.

Now the consumer is a food critic more and you have to be very aware to satisfy. Restaurants and hotels should be updated and keep up to date on the latest trends and care service because Now the doors of the establishment are digital.

The digital prestige It is highly relevant, and the locals are on trial day in day out. The emergence of these programs has promoted the segmentation of customers that was previously at the mercy of the recommendations of friends or passers. Now they know what they want and go for it, and if you do not find it to your liking, they shall inform.

We not really know what was before, If chicken or the egg. These culinary TV shows may have arisen demand a more specialized audience and knowledgeable about their tastes and gastronomic possibilities, or it may have been contrary. What is clear is that it is a phenomenon that feeds. For that reason, as long as there Top Chef, Masterchef and an increasingly long list of cooking shows, We continue it and, for that reason, gastronomy not fail to innovate and improve.

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