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Toyota and Pizza Hut put into circulation the first driverless foodtruck


You walk down the street, you see a vehicle for delivery of food and tend to think: "lucky! Someone will be waiting for food and order ", but that, at least in the case of Pizza Hut You will stop being so. And it will do that Pizza Hut y Toyota They have joined forces to circulate autonomous delivery truck, no human driver, you walk through the city waiting for a client you need your services.

It is as close to all future that dystopian literature and science fiction movies has put before us that even frightens. We move quickly towards an era in which the various sectors are seeing robots assume part of the job to be made in certain areas. Y the restaurant industry seems one of the most receptive this type of technological innovations.

Remove the human factor in the equation

It is known the war that kept the various companies pizza and food delivery in general to cut waiting times for your orders at home. The way he has chosen Pizza Hut to take advantage in this race has been eliminating the human factor. The chain has partnered with Toyota to give life to a new concept of driverless vehicle that one day could cook and deliver pizzas in record time.

Thus, rival network, Domino´s Pizza looks like features a new competitor in the field of innovation in service delivery. Area in which so far were leaders by drones, autoconductores and cars with moving vehicles with rear furnaces. However, Currently no delivery pizzas as fast as Domino's, but now Pizza Hut has put its cards on the table installing furnaces inside autonomous trucks looking like an elegant box with wheels.

¿Elegant box with wheels or giant toaster? Matter of taste

The Toyota brand has christened the vehicle as “e-Palette” and he presented in the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas Just a few days ago, as we read this week on the web eater.com. Furthermore it has been insured Business Insider what test models could go out in 2020.

Thereafter, it seems only a matter of time than other brands begin to improve their balance sheets based on reducing human labor. "We are delighted to partner with Toyota, because with innovation, reliability and efficiency we will redefine the experience of delivering pizzas for the future " he said Artie Starrs, president of Pizza Hut in the US. THE.

In any case, still time for the year 2020, where can we get invaded streets of autonomous vehicles delivering food. For now, Pizza Hut is going to play jokes withstand competition, as this joke DiGiorno Pizza. We will keep you informed.

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