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Traceability by blockchain, the future of food security in the restoration


Although not as incidence as in other countries, restaurants in the US. THE. do not escape the news star on occasion because of some food poisoning. Just in 2018, two of the largest restaurant chains organized appeared in the headlines because of some disorder: en septiembre McDonald’s tuvo que retirar doscientos millones de huevos de sus establecimientos a causa de un contagio de ciclosporiasis que tuvo impacto sobre 500 their guests; tan solo un mes antes Chipotle Mexican Grill se enfrentaba de nuevo a las exigencias de los inspectores de sanidad, after being involved in an altercation food security that sickened hundreds of people in the state of Ohio (U.S).

The number of infections transmitted diseases in food only increases, Is it not counterintuitive? The amount of protocols to ensure that food prepared in restaurants meet all the demands on health increased in parallel. What happens then?

According to the agency responsible for ensuring the health of diners in the US. UU., he FDA, what is being observed is a better reporting of cases. Fewer incidences manage to elude the authorities responsible for food safety, and therefore it is expected that in just a few years the volume of open claims to stabilize, although today they are in full rise.

But ... Will they really? Some market analysts doubt that this comes to pass. Although it is difficult for a serious infection or poisoning may go unnoticed, there are many other security breaches that may undermine and it is rare that reach ever known. This could change soon if the technology block chain as applied to food traceability generalizes. And if this comes to market, then again it would experience an increase in the number of reports on food security.

Many involved in the food industry, the hotels and restaurants that support the establishment of traceability block chain extended and regularly in the business network, not only EE. UU., but around the world, since the end after a lot of foods that are used in the kitchen of an establishment of the United States come from the most diverse corners of the globe.

The technology block chain You can insert information into a data stream so that this is immutable. If you changed for any reason, the string itself notes that there has been a breach of protocol, which shows that there was an intrusion, that information is no longer reliable and that the element associated with the information (in this case the food item) It can not be trusted.

At present there are few who really understand the technology behind based applications block chain, but in the future it is not unreasonable simply scanning a barcode or QR with our mobile terminal we can have all the information about an item, and we know with confidence whether this information is reliable or not through a app.

It is the only technological innovation that can change the food security scenario in the future. Researchers at the Department of Agriculture EE. THE. investigated using plasma to remove pathogens They are swarming over food. Others are dedicated to designing apparatus allowing DNA sequencing traces in foods to detect whether they have been adulterated or harboring a colony of bacteria dangerous to the health of humans.

Aunque estas innovaciones tecnológicas reducirán el número de casos de contaminación alimentaria en los restaurantes, no todo es bonito en el futuro. Hay mucho temor a que algunas de las bacterias con las que nos podamos topar al comer fuera de casa de aquí a unos años puedan ser resistentes a un amplio espectro de antibióticos, haciendo que los tratamientos sean inútiles. Algún caso similar ya ha tenido lugar: en la víspera de Acción de Gracias de 2018 se vendieron en los supermercados de EE. THE. un sinnúmero de pavos que portaban una cepa de Salmonella sp. multirresistente.

Es difícil dibujar cuál será la estampa que nos traerá el futuro, pero lo que sí sabemos es que se realiza un trabajo continuo por mejorar la food safety y por ofrecer un mejor servicio en el mundo de la restauración. Solo nos queda confiar en el buen hacer de los profesionales.

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