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3 advantages of using digital tickets at restaurants


The ticket is the great forgotten in the world of restoration. For many it is nothing more than a piece of paper that sooner or later ends up in a wastebasket. So much so that some restaurateurs committed to environment They have chosen to issue digital receipts exclusively, completely ignoring their paper counterparts. It is indifferent, the virtual ticket s also end up in the trash provider user email.

However, digital receipts serve a hidden purpose: collecting e-mails from customers which can then be used in campaigns marketing with the intention of increasing turnover perceived local.

It is therefore not unreasonable to ask what more can be achieved using this new technology. This article delved on three fronts.

1.- Enhance tips

Although leave tips It is something that is deeply ingrained in American society, It is rarer outside US borders. THE.

While in the United States we see how electronic billing applications for restaurants invite you to leave tips for greater or lesser percentage value depending on the degree of satisfaction Diner, something that does not make sense in Spain and other countries hispanosfera, this does not mean that we can invite leave a small tip to professional camaraderie who attended the table.

With options 50 cents, 1 Y 2 euros, diners who use digital tools can reward excellent service when your user experience has been faultless. It works as a reward system that encourages waiters provide more than the bare minimum required for the performance of their duties.

At the end, this leads, snowball effect, in best reviews in network, increased influx of diners, increases in business volume and restaurant, especially, at the level of worker satisfaction restaurant.

Although these systems may seem complex priori, actually some POS terminals last generation and integrate such functions. Thanks to the high configurability of the same, Local managers can customize their electronic tickets in the manner they deem most appropriate.

If the current point of sale terminal does not have this option and do not want to replace the outdated equipment with more modern model for the high cost of acquisition, you can always resort to external service providers.

2.- Promote internet reviews

Only a small percentage of people passing through the local end up depositing their impressions about their experience on the net.

According to a study recently published by TripAdvisor, those profiles aggregators reviews that have more views receive a much greater interaction by Internet. This is because the larger the number of reviews is accumulated greater credibility of these.

What can the restorer then to their profiles online with more dynamism? According to many specialists marketing a small reminder that the restaurant appreciates that diners leave your opinion in the network can work wonders.

The question is how to do it without generating large friction, and this is where digital tickets are conspicuous by their versatility.

Ideally, use digital methodologies, besides highlight a message that invites the customer to stop feedback, also it allows tackling the negative reviews put into direct contact restaurateur and diner. This system makes it easier to turn an unhappy customer into a satisfied customer, clarify misunderstandings and even completely redirect the situation until customer loyalty initially umbrage. Professionalism when attending incidents is a skill highly valued by customers

The ticket is not the only place where you can integrate the reminder that encourages diners to leave an opinion in the network, but it is the least cause inconvenience. Other options include, but they are not limited to, SMS tracking and e-mails additional.

3.- Invite the loyalty program

Since Starbucks got avoid collapse due to its user loyalty system, everyone wants to have a app Mobile with integrated rewards program. And in fact, from here, We have always recommended use.

The hard part is getting people decide to test the system. Is the inertia inherent to every customer: "Do I really need this application?», many are questioning.

To break this initial barrier restorers opt for some offering a free item to those who give the nod to register. Chipotle is the case, for example, that rewards high on your system Chipotle Rewards with some potatoes with guacamole that run on the house.

But when it comes to Loyalty, considering all the recurring business that can be achieved at the restaurant with the passage of time, should not leave untapped opportunity, why electronic tickets are a perfect place to invite diners to you register. A convincing sentence at the end of it would do the trick.

Certainly the generalization of digital tickets brings a number of business opportunities that will be hard to ignore. In addition to improving user service and care for the natural environment, the possibility of capitalizing on a more loyal customer business. According to Toast, these customers spend up to 32% more than casual visitors.

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