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TripAdvisor Launches Review Center to manage global online reputation restaurants


All professionals in the catering sector agree that you have a strong corporate image and reputation online is crucial nowadays. This is a reality that is rooted in the digital processing of bussiness, a paradigm shift that has prompted recent hordes of younger consumers turn to the new telecommunication technologies to finding the information they need, including that of a commercial nature. And with momentum, They have dragged the entire economic and social fabric.

There are many alternatives including restaurant owners can choose when to strengthen its presence online. Some prefer project their single brand through the social networks, thus they concentrate all its efforts displayed as a next company to the consumer, who understands your needs and is in complete harmony with customers.

Managing a website or app mobile own when engaging communication with consumers is another of the possibilities today.

By last, Restaurants can use thirdparty services to control the information that is poured over them in networks. This is the case of sections as Google My Business in the search famed Alphabet, or the review pages on internet, between the sites listed as Yelp O TripAdvisor.

Aggregators reviews are one of the most powerful tools for restaurateurs, because the content is displayed to a receptive audience with strong purchasing intention. However, only those restaurants who know how to manage their reputation online get stand out above others and capitalizing on its image.

Sometimes industry professionals have indicated that sites like Yelp, Google My Business TripAdvisor limited or too much control they have on the opinions that people leave, that is why TripAdvisor It has introduced a new utility for restaurants.

Speak neither more nor less than the TripAdvisor center reviews, an interactive portal that has come into operation last Feb. 5 that allows users to hire this service registered to manage their reputation online globally. The center serves as a bridge connecting views with different aggregators, websites and apps on the market, simplifying the methodology that was being used in public relations restaurants. You answer the opinions from all disparate applications it is now within the reach of a single click.

Reviews of managing Facebook, Google, Yelp, ElTenedor and other platforms in a completely centralized. In addition to spend less time to maintain the image of the restaurant on the net, the people in charge of these tasks need less technological training, as the number of pages and applications that need to access and which you must navigate wanes considerably.

And is that as you said Bertrand Jelensperger, EVP restaurants TripAdvisor, "There are few restaurant owners who have time to access each page for restaurants, one by one, to respond to the opinions of diners', and then he added that he was very happy to give these busy workers an effective tool to solve problems of shortage of time. "The center of opinion is the latest example of policy TripAdvisor looking to make the marketing online management for restaurants and are a cinch for busy owners ", concluía Bertrand Jelensperger.

The way in which this work center views is very simple, simple and intuitive. The application displays a picture of the overall situation allowing the user to click on any review. From there you can access and answer the opinions expressed on any website associated. To start using the advantages of the center of opinions restaurants owners only have to register for the service, The price is about 50 € monthly.

The usability of this new web tool It allows managers less familiar with digital technologies can make a quick and effective use of new tools marketing digital and management reputation online.

I also know favors data analysis customer involvement, as well as those relating to public sentiment. All this information is provided in summary form without being laborious procedures necessary information compiled or request the expensive services of a data analyst.

The main reason why this system has been enhanced due to the way in which potential clients choose the restaurant to eat. Although not completely out of date, the times that recommendations on where to eat came from family or friends left behind. It is increasingly common for diners to access the Internet from your mobile and see what local related to their culinary tastes are in the area. And once candidates have found restaurants, the next search focuses on the opinions available on the net about the establishment in question. This is what fosters a final choice.

The importance of restaurant reviews online is critical, and they have shown earlier TripAdvisor studies, They are showing that the level of reviews available in each profile of your web had a strong correlation with the amount of time they spent there and also Internet with the number of interactions (understood as reservations or requests for information) these were. So much so that in some cases have a good profile septuplicaba the amount of business generated for an account plainest.

They consider those restaurants that will find in the center of one advisor reviews interesting tool to centralize management reviews and save time in online public relations business.

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