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TripAdvisor improves the way of calculating the popularity index restaurants


TripAdvisor devotes all its efforts to help customers find the Best places to eat. The opinions of regular customers or travelers play a crucial role in the decision to other users They look for in a given geographical area restaurant for a specific profile.

The aim is that business to make themselves known among potential customers, regardless of the size of each business. Faced with this constant challenge, TripAdvisor is always looking for new ways to improve this service and, for this reason, has introduced some significant changes to improve the popularity index.

This means that many companies have seen how they change their positions in this ranking: some increase, others will decrease, depending on how they are changing businesses around them geographically.

From the portal, They are convinced that these changes will result in benefit of all stakeholders. white Zayas, Communications Director TripAdvisor, explained to this newspaper that “these changesThey yudarán customers to get a better idea of ​​what they can offer them each of the restaurants in the world, while enabling them to confidently choose where to eat on future occasions”. These variations have begun to implement since last 13 of March.

Speaking to our environment, Zayas has insisted that “We are always working to advance TripAdvisor, It is including improvements and upgrades in popularity ranking when we believe are necessary”.

In reference to this last amendment, Director of Communication website world's largest travel has clarified: “In this case recent, we wanted to better job of measuring the consistency of performance and quality of a company over time, to ensure that all businesses, big or small, centrally managed or independent, have the same opportunities to succeed on our web. We adjust our algorithm to do exactly that”.

Equal opportunities in terms of visibility for large and small

The improvement is adjust the method of calculating the popularity index for restaurants. These indicators take into account the quality and quantity of new opinions and how recent they are.

further, the search has retouched the algorithm to better assess the quality of performance any business over time. This modification is intended ensure that all restaurants, both large and small, have the same opportunities in terms of visibility TripAdvisor.

What does this change for restaurants? And for the customer? By classifying companies by popularity, the portal prioritizes the most important thing for travelers is the quality and consistency of service, and to determine this analyzes the number of ratings received continuously.

The result is a ranking more generally useful, based not only on the number of opinions but also in quality, freshness and consistency of the comments received in time. The Recent opinions carry more weight, while older have less influence as time passes.

Encourage travelers to leave their opinion and offer the best service

The restaurant has the task of improving its position in the popularity index. Owners should focus on encouraging travelers to describe their experiences and make sure they are offering the best possible service to its customers. In this way, They may have a good performance on TripAdvisor.

To be highly qualified, a company must provide a quality experience to user, which will be reflected in the amount, quality and freshness of opinions and consistency of the same. Cheer up all, scale positions may!

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