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¿Tripadvisor yes or no?, digital prestigious restaurants in play


The hospitality industry is a changing world, constantly evolving and in one day has nothing to do with the following. The online world, as well. Technology has always influenced human behavior and has been a participant in the great revolutions. In the case of hospitality, a process of processing digital live It is generating a series of obligations for the owner of a restaurant or a gourmet product.

Since ever, the customer is looking for new dining experiences just talking to his inner circle. This remains, but now the presence of Internet, social networks and digital reputation have increased exponentially this "word of mouth". Why a while now, The client is considered before customer, during and after visiting the restaurant.

TripAdvisor TripAdvisor yes or no

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google + and Tripadvisor. Any channel is good to share and show to close friends and the rest of the world (if not, Why get so many hashtag in post?) the last dining experience lived. Function as a democratic speaker, in which anyone can take part of the experience in a restaurant.

This has its positive side because when it comes to choosing a product, destination restaurant, users rely more on the opinions of complete strangers online, what They have enormous value. And its downside, as many reviews are biased and therefore it is necessary to make a mental exercise and confidence when searching experiences in networks.

In this regard, and once the digital door is open to all customers, which already it has and the potential, it is necessary to preserve the image 2.0. Advisor to say no to that is no more than 315 million unique users per month, more of 100 contributions per minute and a total of more than 200 million comments and opinions.

When planning a trip, a break or, simply, find the best restaurant with which to surprise someone There are many portals, but it always ends in the same url: Tripadvisor.com.

For this reason, It is important digital customer care, see what works and what does not, how to change what is not working and analyze everything for Dase account what works and improve, as well always answer all comments, whether positive or negative. All this is a job that before the customer was at the front desk or at the end of the meal, Now it is only moving it to the network, so it is a much more immediate process.

Using Tripadvisor in Spain

In a country where gastronomy and tourism play an important role in the economy Y, especially, in the way of living life, TripAdvisor is helpful when seeking new experiences.

A good example of the importance of this US portal is that every year the press echo what has been the best restaurant in Spain is overrated, or how many national restaurants are among the best platform.

Also is true that It is not a perfect site (any social networks it is) because there are customers who use it as a weapon of revenge. Or other times it has tested its reliability, like this last year, when we read news such as the London shed, which it became number 1 without being not even restaurant.

Another of the strengths that has Tripadvisor against other social networks, It is used worldwide. Its use is widespread and restaurant reviews can come from a national customer or the furthest corner of the planet. A) Yes, in the study that each year draws the web itself, Spaniards value their food in a more critical way that tourists abroad, with an average score for restaurant 3,99; whereas for example, English, Americans or Russians value the Spanish kitchen above 4,30 on 5.

This study also analyzes performed annually the cook that most interest the Spanish public both nationally and internationally. In Spain is the Canarian cuisine which is more attractive, followed by the Andalusian and the Balearic. Beyond our borders, Asian win the game, Middle Eastern restaurants and Greek.

Increasingly takes more strength and relevance the best digital tip that can be left to a restaurant is a positive opinion on social networks. Sometimes you do not realize, but the digital reputation can help a lot, very much a business. At levels ten years ago they seemed unthinkable, such as when borrow, as we had a few months ago Diego Coquillat in this digital newspaper.

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Journalist because of Julio Ruiz and Disco Grande de RNE3. After passing through cultural programs in Onda Madrid and AS Journal, way to my first five years in the sector gastronomic communication, with a special eye on the use of social networks and gourmet restaurants. Rock & Goal as a lifestyle.


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  1. Working daily with restaurants and the truth is that overall the people are quite complaint sites User Input especially on the reviews they receive from their own competition to be open to any power to leave a comment, I have eaten at that restaurant or not.

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