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TripAdvisor WiFi Plus allows restaurants to get a 70% more reviews and run email campaigns


The volume of business that comes through digital channels to restaurants with presence online It does not stop growing. This percentage may decrease in those cases in which the target audience is larger or when a work marketing digital suboptimal. But it can also be much higher, as in the case of large pizza chains, where almost all local business corresponds to sales made telematically.

Considering the debacle caused by the coronavirus crisis, hoteliers can no longer ignore the benefits of internet sales, it is logical to think that the digital marketing in online has gained substantial relevance in the last year.

But not all managers of establishments have the necessary skills to manage a reviews aggregator, Reputation management online throught social media, create promotional campaigns that encourage customer participation or designing an advertising strategy e-mail successful. And even fewer are those who can play all these activities time efficient.

That is why tools like TripAdvisor WiFi Plus they are very useful for restaurateurs with less computer knowledge.

TripAdvisor is, With Yelp Y Google My Business, one of the repositories most extensive reviews of restaurants of all internet. The web operates as part of a dynamic company specializing in business at restaurants, and therefore from TripAdvisor are often published news, reports and relevant tools for the sector.

TripAdvisor WiFI Plus is one of these utilities can be very profitable for the restorer I avispado. It is a Wireless network connection configured to collect the contact information of users who go through the local. In restaurants where WiFi Plus is running, the customer can surf for free at the internet access your email. In doing so, expressly it allows the business to send you advertising.

The idea became a reality thanks to the collaboration between TripAdvisor professionals and the human team of Captini, a service provider network that also dares to marketing digital. The local network enables professionals restaurants compile a database of emails from their customers, and this may be subsequently used to make a advertising campaign e-mail, a widely proven methodology that, While already a few years, demonstrates effective to provide more acceptable results.

He e-mail It is not the only credential that customers can use to access this additional service in the dining frequenting. Who prefers to use their account in any of the social networks leaders of the moment (Facebook, Twitter o Instagram) you can also do so. Again, all this information can be used to improve digital company profile, either swelling the corporate accounts on platforms that match or encouraging involvement in company publications.

But this is not all, because besides allowing to value the foundations of e-mails and social networks, TripAdvisor Plus includes WiFi functionality that facilitates restaurant manager position your business in the famed aggregator reviews. When the client is using the wifi opted for stop looking for information on the Internet, Captini displays a reminder for the user to leave a review about the restaurant on TripAdvisor.

The reviews and opinions online are extremely important. It is shown that profiles restaurants with more exclientes opinions are also receiving greater attention from potential visitors. Conversely, Restaurants on which no one has yet written are undesirable and the number of interactions they receive is very small compared to the most successful accounts. Thus, espolear that customers leave positive reviews on the net is almost a necessity today.

Even more so when the pandemic has caused countless local, yesteryear without online presence, they have digitalized at forced gears, increasing the level of competition for visibility on networks.

According to the statement issued from TripAdvisor, Restaurants that have already adopted their wifi solution for restaurants as observed as the number of opinions increased considerably in profile. The numbers do not lie, professionals TripAdvisor choose to collect one WiFi Plus 70% more reviews those who rely solely on traditional reminders.

further, the management company's reputation online restaurants again demonstrates its intention to establish itself as an integrated platform to manage all aspects of face to the public that affect the final consumer. Thus, the Wi-Fi service for restaurants that has been in operation for some time is now integrated into a software which enables advertising campaigns e-mail natively. It also includes functions to establish a rewards program and restraint systems and customer loyalty.

This latter aspect allows TripAdvisor monitor more closely the restaurants comply with the standards stipulated in their TOS, which clearly it indicates that reviews can only be requested or ordered strongly, not be rewarded. One misstep with loyalty system may mean that the restaurant remains banished from TripAdvisor.

Finally, TripAdvisor is also enhancing its WiFi to restaurants as much as you can simplifies the fight against fraud and false opinions, latent problem in the world of aggregators reviews, whereby companies that provide this service are forced to spend huge amounts of money to the detection of abnormal behavior. Since WiFi Plus opinions are drawn up and published from the private network of the restaurant, It is much easier to ensure that the diner was in effect on the establishment, and that the review does not correspond to an acquisition of a package of fake opinions in some market of SEO blackhat.

When judging the advantages that TripAdvisor WiFi Plus brings both catering professionals and customers, and benefits equally TripAdvisor extracts itself, it is expected that the implementation of this system will spread quickly, at least among businesses that have a strong interest in strengthening their presence online; that right now, as we often remember, should be all: the coronavirus crisis has caused a total shift towards the digital transformation restaurants.

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