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TripAdvisor and ElTenedor and generate a 1.400 million euros at the Spanish restaurant industry

  • Both companies have generated in Spain over 15.000 jobs during the past year and 79 million additional meals and dinners, in a sector that has a value of 41.000 million euros in Spain
  • further, The study reveals that the sector is expected to grow up 5,8% Annual average up 2022 in Spain, while growth is forecast 4,7% Worldwide
  • ElTenedor TripAdvisor and management boards have revolutionized entertainment in the digital environment worldwide, able to generate 7.200 million euros and influence to 320 million additional meals and dinners in the world.

TripAdvisor®, the largest travel website in the world, Y ElTenedor, the leading platform for online restaurant reservations in Europe and subsidiary TripAdvisor, today presented the "Economic Impact Study market Restaurants 2019", in collaboration with Strategy&, part of the PwC network. This report provides an overview of the size, growth and key industry trends worldwide restoration, and shows a number of interesting findings of the industry in Spain. In this sense, The report shows that TripAdvisor and had ElTenedor impact of 7.200 million US, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands over the past year, generating 320 million additional meals and dinners sector.

"From TripAdvisor and group TheFork (ElTenedor) We are proud to contribute to the growth of the catering industry and create value where we operate globally ", ha stated Bertrand Jelensperger, TripAdvisor senior vice president and group CEO Restaurants TheFork.

"Our ambition is to continue aiding and abetting By focusing on growth and digitization in the field of catering and hospitality, while still we are connecting more and more diners with chords culinary experiences to their tastes and interests ", comments.

The restoration is one of the engines of the Spanish economy

Putting the focus on the Spanish market, This is a market that has more than 300.000 establishments1 Y, thus, one of the most interesting in the world, since the restoration reached in 2018 a value of 41.000 millions of euros, a figure that is above France and the UK, which they have a population and a GDP larger than our country. further, the sector is expected to grow to 5,8% Annual average up 2022. parallel, The study has revealed that the world market for the restoration reached 1,4 trillion euros 2018, and it is expected to accelerate the annual growth 2,9% (2010-2018) al 4,7% between 2018 Y 2022.

Given this scenario, TripAdvisor and ElTenedor are playing a key role in the industry, making up jointly generate 1.400 million euros in the Spanish market 79 million additional meals and dinners. further, employment level, TripAdvisor influenced the creation of 12.500 Job positions, while he influenced ElTenedor 3.100 jobs.

The Spanish market is one of the most attractive for all those who work hand in hand with restaurateurs and hoteliers. Spain is a globally recognized power gastronomic features prominently in the current momentum of global restoration”, Marcos Alves has said, CEO of ElTenedor in Spain. “TripAdvisor and ElTenedor have a substantial and positive economic impact on the industry in several ways, from increased revenues from catering companies to support local jobs”, Add.

Digitization is key to the growth of the sector in Spain

The restoration has always been one of the most dynamic sectors of the Spanish economy, largely due to the large volume of establishments and types of food in our country. This sector has not been immune to the digital transformation that is suffering society in all areas, a process in which both TripAdvisor and ElTenedor have played a key role.

While the presence of a restaurant in TripAdvisor does not have any cost, this is a increase 2% average annual revenue restaurants, a figure which in Spain is 5,2%. Meanwhile, restaurants that are part of ElTenedor multiplied by 16 ROI and increased 10% in additional revenue. In our country the average is 15 times, achieving an increase of 8%.

5 Keys to digital success: from planning to booking

Restaurants offer the service travel planning and reservations as TripAdvisor and ElTenedor have seen an increase in their final results, while they are providing a service to their customers. The study of Strategy& It offers five tips for restaurant businesses thrive online:

  • Being where diners are looking for. Millions of users flock to travel planning sites and applications to find the perfect place to eat. Having a presence on TripAdvisor, no cost for business, an increase of more than 2% Annual average revenue from restaurants. In the case of Spain, the report reveals that this percentage is 5,2%.
  • Conquering online customers. Owners benefit to gain profile control free on platforms such as TripAdvisor and attract future customers, responding to their opinions. Reclaiming the profile of a TripAdvisor restaurant owners generated an increase of about 14.000 billing euros on average per year.
  • Encourage the opinions online. Businesses also benefit by asking diners to share their views on the platform. The restaurants, a total of between 51 Y 100 User comments, see an average increase of 2% in income, versus those with fewer comments. Restaurants with a rating of more than 4.5 TripAdvisor bubbles also get a 2% more income compared to those with lower average scores. In the case of Spain, the percentage is 7,5%.
  • reservations online. Restaurants are part of ElTenedor multiplied by 16 ROI, representing an increase of 10% in additional revenue. In our country the average is 15 times, achieving an increase of 8%.
  • Consider investing in paid marketing. The owners also can consider investing in marketing to increase traffic and revenue. The restaurants participating in TripAdvisor Premium gain increased half 6 times their incremental income, against restaurants that have not been subscribed. Those with a ad TripAdvisor active gain 5 Incremental points more income than those who do not.

“The catering industry is going through a great time of digitizing. Increasingly consumers compare online stores for eating out smoothly and reserve a table from your mobile device”, ha indicated Jelensperger. “We believe that restaurants are offered the greatest opportunity for online marketing, as, while one 80% of users search online before heading out to lunch or dinner outside, restaurants are devoting a limited amount of time and investment to this area ".

Methodology: The economic impact study on the Market Restaurants 2019 He analyzed data 2018, including industry sales and number of restaurants worldwide, and in six major markets in which ElTenedor and operate TripAdvisor (U.S, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands). The report also analyzed internal and historical data associated restaurants and ElTenedor TripAdvisor, including number of restaurants, rates, Number of reservations, level of discounts, number of people who had made reservations and the number of opinions, Photos, management responses, etc. By last, Strategy& He surveyed 2.127 restaurant customers in six markets included in the study, which allowed, along with data collected from industry, calculate the incremental revenue impact of TripAdvisor and ElTenedor in the catering market.

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