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Your restaurant needs a custom App


If you're not on the Internet ... Do not exist! Plus, at all times, anywhere. And with your restaurant, It does not matter. That's why your restaurant needs not only a powerful website but also a mobile app that allows all your prospects to contact you whenever they want. But it must go one step further and not just an App Template. Your business is unique, It has certain needs and your app should be adjusted to the millimeter.

And today is that technology has become a primary tool for all businesses. Gone is the time when you have a Web page It was something distant in our business horizon or something that could "Left for later". Nowadays, before you even open your business - restaurant, You have to have not thought but planned and the resources focused what technology are going to implement.

The question is not whether or not having website and when, Now the approach is Who will design it, which sections will have, what aspects will cover and also, App that you go to desarrollar to not only be available through a browser but your restaurant is present on all phones and mobile devices with personality (your own App icon on the desktop of any mobile).

An App for your restaurant

The importance and need for a particular restaurant web to talk and constantly writes. All by now know how important or rather, imperative it is to have its own website, What are the most common mistakes when building a website for a restaurant or how to increase visits to our web; are some of the topics that are always treated when we think about our business website.

But the web world is already stable and has its place but secured. Now is the time to deal 100% of the Mobile Apps for our businesses.

Today all, absolutely everybody, we consume content of all kinds and we communicate almost all occasions through our mobile phone. This device has become an indispensable, in an extension of our arm - hand So we are not even able to go to the bathroom without him.

How then are we going to risk our restaurant is not in the pockets of all our potential customers? Not be a great mistake you can now easily remedied, simple and accessible.

To have an App now is the goal of all catering business because make life easier for the customer It should always be the goal of any entrepreneur. You want your prospect, that he has never visited you, it has not come and does not yet know the amazing food you offer and the service so attentive that you have, you choose against your competition (on the other hand you know it's a lot).

also you know your prospective customer spends the day "Phone in hand" and you want everything to be really easy and simple. Thus, It is super important to be where he is and how well he needs.

With an App you'll make life easier for the person who comes first above all, You will have the best tool for customer loyalty and you get Increase Your Sales all those who already know you, you liked them and they want to go back because if you want to repeat, again, pónselo easy. Once you have tried, you have visited, if they like, They want to easily back and what better than at that time, to download your app - Mobile App.

Own an App ..., unique and personalized

This of Apps is not new. We know. We've been a few years working with the App environment and any business that lends itself and wants to be in the technological forefront, knows that at a certain point you have to bet because your business has an App. But since this is already clear, you have to think a little further. All restaurants have websites, many have App ...

Competition is appalling, What to do then to go one step further, go ahead and differentiate? Have something unique, exclusive and face to the client "Surprised" but also, will serve as an important tool for managing your business.

And this is going to get a Custom App millimeter and not a template. As everything, when they appeared Apps, develop for your business was something really expensive and escaping from the usual budgets. Nowadays, with the evolution and rapid development of all technological, There are also plenty of templates Apps with certain programming skills can create for your business. And they are fine, cover certain needs and above all, certain moments in our business. But when it grows, requirements change and thus, the tools must evolve.

Everything has its time and your restaurant App, as well. Because, If your restaurant is growing, If you want to access more features, If you require your App covers a spectrum that hitherto had contemplated and of course, for example if every time you have a volume of orders and increased reserves and you want to make fireworks with data from your customers for more loyal and more, it's time to do a fully customized App.

The cost - a personalized investment App for your restaurant

All this is great! I'm sure you're thinking: An App customized for my restaurant ... An App with which your customers can book a table or you place an order with only 2 clicks. An App also It integrates with your POS and payment system so that everything is quick and easy for both you and of course for business customers. An App to also have at your disposal the customer data to make powerful loyalty actions as email marketing, etc ... It's great and want but, how much?

For surely less than what you think input because we often make the mistake of seeing these steps in our business as an expense and not as they really are, an investment. And it is that a fully customized App for your restaurant is literally, an investment and much that will help get more customers, sell more, increase your average ticket and insurance, to reduce management costs because everything will be automated.

This will also tell you that your client will be much more satisfied, you'll be helping your SEO (search engine positioning) and your brand image will be moving up exponentially.

How to have a custom App for your restaurant?

Because as we always say, professionals relying on it. Put our time and financial resources who at first seems cheap but not really know the industry, You do not have the know-how necessary and will not bring your product to another level, Now that's an expense and not an investment. If you want something powerful trusts who devotes all its efforts to know how it's done flawlessly. From Klikin they have developed a new product - called program Klikin Enterprise through which carry the App of your restaurant to another level.

In addition to creating a single App, personalized and exclusive for your restaurant, fully adjusted to the needs of your business internally (management) and outer (in the face of the customer), They know how to make your tool is integrated with all the parts necessary to have a operation of 10 - Excellent: Payment module, email marketing actions, Receiving orders…

Everything and more tailored to what you need them at all times and also, something you should always keep in mind when you contract the development of a web or App: Travel and have growth potential because your business will grow, It will evolve and you can not afford to invest in something today so that tomorrow, you outgrow it and you have to start from scratch.

So if you want to take a step in the evolution of your restaurant business and you want to be at the forefront, my recommendation is that you have from now, an App for your business, that you positioned at a first level and is always present on the screen of your mobile customers. Only when you turn on your device you will see your logo and safe, They enter them want to go eat at your restaurant or make an order. Are you going to miss that opportunity?

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