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Twitter ficha a 17 cooks to enhance #FoodPorn


And no doubt the contents are the contribution of principal value of any social network self-respecting, whether they are based on texts, links, photos or videos. But so far none of the major social channels of information and communication had made such a clear commitment as today want to share.

And is that according Twitter on his blog published, created what has christened the “Twitter Food Council”, a kind of gastronomic council with the aim of a group of chefs along with some relevant influencers regularly participate in talks through this social network with original content related to the world and culture of food. The #FoodPorn is fashionable and each time brings together a wider group of foodies around gastronomy.

This group 17 Experts will be captained by Chef Alex Guarnaschelli (@Guarnaschelli) which has 456K followers on Twitter, along with other influential chefs representing different types of cuisines and interests. Highlighting the Spanish chef José Andrés. These, a través de Twitter, Periscope Vine or share content, conversations and participate in events both digital and face.

How could it be otherwise all communication revolves around a hashtag, specifically chosen is #FoodFlock, allowing anyone who wants to talk about food or interact with board members can use this label to make.

The objective of Twitter with this action seems clear, And it is stimulate the conversation and generate content around the world of food and gastronomy, since it is aware that this inspires and attracts many users said social network. You want to connect through #FoodPorn and food-related content, people from anywhere in the world.

But, How will this idea is working to Twitter?

If we analyze the data from the day 1 of August, as you can be seen in the following chart obtained by monitoring tool Brandwatch, there has been different intensity levels, So far the greater number of messages was released later that month. The amount of global interactions do not seem too relevant.

Graphic obtained by monitoring tool Brandwatch. From the 1 August measures activity and posts twitter #FoodFlock.

In the last two months, the days of the week more interactivity has been the hashtag Friday, which makes sense if you think of a content related to gastronomy and leisure. The day less, Sundays.

 The days of the week has been more interactivity have been on Fridays, which makes sense if you think of a content related to gastronomy and leisure. Sundays are the days with less interaction.

by genre, although there is some equality, highlight the tweets shared by users against the men sent by users.

As we can obseervar, highlight the tweets shared by users against the men sent by users.

The “topics” or terms related to the main label, They refer mostly to World Food or food, especially highlighting the hash #FoodCrushFriday

Among the topics of twitter particularly highlights the hash #FoodCrushFriday.

Among users who are using the label more highlights the twitter itself through its own @Twitterfood where he is promoting the most content, in particular in these two months it has launched 117 tweets con 318 retweets, representing a total of 435 environment interactions #FoodFlock.

It is the twitter own, through its @Twitterfood of who is promoting the most content.

Here is a list of those Hashtags are also being used along with the main, and their impact on impressions.

List of those hashtags that are also being used along with the main, and their impact on impressions.

By last, and in relation to the global geolocation of content related to this subject, It focuses primarily in the United States, in the rest of the world it is very residual.

The theme promoted by the #FoodFlock Twitter movement is gaining special importance in the US.

Definitely, a new line of action has been launched and aims Twitter energize influencers through a thematic with the fundamental objective of generate new content Conversational that provide value and enrich the user experience. Something that could foreseeably be transferable to other social networks, other sectors and even other countries.

I conclude this article with the list of 17 members of “Gastronomic advice Twitter”:

1.- Alex Guarnaschelli: @guarnaschelli, famous cook
2.- Adam Rapoport: @ rapo4, jefe editor of Bon Appetit
3.- Amanda Hesser: @amandahesser, CEO Food52
4.- Anne Burrell: @chefanneburrell, famous cook
5.- Ayesha Curry: @ayeshacurry, famous cook
6.- Carla Hall: @carlahall , famous cook
7.- Curtis Stone: @CurtisStone , Celebrity chef
8.- Geoffrey Zakarian: @gzchef, Celebrity chef
9.- Giada De Laurentiis: @GDeLaurentiis, famous cook
10.- Graham Elliot: @grahamelliot, Celebrity chef
11.- Jose Andres: @chefjoseandres, Celebrity chef
12.- Marcus Samuelsson: @MarcusCooks, Celebrity chef
13.- Michael Mina: @ChefMichaelMina, Celebrity chef
14.- Tsai Ming: @mingtsai, famous chef @mingtsai
15.- Michael Symon: @chefsymon, Celebrity chef
16.- Nilou Motamed: @niloumotamed, chief editor of Food & Wine
17.- Rick Bayless: @Rick_Bayless, Celebrity chef

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