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Twitter, a perfect channel for the Customer in restaurants


For some years there is a phrase that runs Internet saying that "no one is as handsome as in his Facebook, as interesting as its Twitter, not as good as your LinkedIn he says ". Although it may seem more like a meme that an explanation of what the Social Networks, It is true that is pretty close to reality.

Since ten years ago, Twitter has been asking; “What's going on?” users and to answer this question always you have to tell interesting things: content, content and content.

Should I be on Twitter? Yes!

In the last year, the data presented in the offices of Twitter were not very good, and is that unlike other networks such as Instagram, only grow as new users. Although they seem stuck in the "solo" 300 twitters million, there are over 100 reasons why Twitter bird should be part of the strategy Social Media in a restaurant.

Instantaneity and trends, the two keywords of the social network designed by Jack Dorsey often they heard in hospitality. The nerve of everyday life in the kitchen and keep abreast of the latest developments to surprise customers are own attitudes of all who live by and for the world of gastronomy. If we combine both worlds, social networks and gastronomy, and search for trends and instantaneity, the answer to the question of whether to use Twitter as a communication channel itself (and free, something that should not be forgotten) It must be a clear yes.

Customer first

There is no other better than Twitter social network in terms of speed and current. That makes it become the channel enabling companies to be your Customer Center.

There is more to see timeline large companies, both in the hospitality industry (Just Eat It would be a good example) or other sectors (Just read carefully the replies telephone operators) to see that bird chirps not only to talk about one of his book, if not primarily, to approach the public, to show that behind the logos and profile pictures there are people willing to help for all (Reservations, suggestions, complaints ...).

In the latest study published by NM Incite, one of the main conclusions is that the faster you answer the brand in social networks, the higher your reputation for the customer. And is that he 71% of consumers who receive prompt and effective response on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are more likely to recommend their acquaintances.

Within the Customer Service Social Media we must take into account a number of recommendations:

  • The first is always respond to every comment, either a positive or negative review, showing that everyone's opinion is valued and each customer.
  • Direct the conversation to the MD to help customers more accurately and so not to bother in the TL other users.
  • use a right tone and polite, trying to help and always remain friendly.
  • As far as possible, must be redirect the user to point the website that clearly explains the jarring topic.

Beyond the speed and instantenidad with which Twitter fits perfectly into the network of customer support, we must not forget that it can allow us Reduce costs as well as being a free tool, no phone call between and it should be clear and concise (¡Ay, the 140 characters!).

Uses and benefits of pajarito

One of the best tips on Social Media summarized by journalist Chris Brogan saying estadounidente "Remember that there is a human being behind each of each tweet, blog o email”. Starting from this premise, Twitter offers endless possibilities for the hospitality market in addition to its use as Customer Service. Its simple character, direct and effective targeting allows each tweet a customer or one future thanks to its ability to viralización like no other social network.

Without being Instagram or Pinterest, Twitter facilita count each day with local news quality photos. And is that until very little could not upload four photos in a single tweet and weighing less than five megabit, which could limit the quality of graphic material.

Twitter is currently, is talk. This is not a social network where you go unnoticed, This is just the Social Network in which you have to be more active. A higher activity, increased visibility, and therefore more friends, more business.

Trends, the hashtags, today, the speed, the instaneidad, the ability of action-reaction, the conversation, the possibility of making new friends, Waterfall tweets per minute ... are just some of the reasons that make one fall in love with this Social Network and why It is necessary to take into account in our strategy of Social Media.

But above all, It is the ease with which have happy customer. There is no other social network that allows first-hand contact and so quickly with a customer. After all, the Social networks are not only platforms, are not only communication channels, They are also experiences, as Customer.

About the Author

Journalist because of Julio Ruiz and Disco Grande de RNE3. After passing through cultural programs in Onda Madrid and AS Journal, way to my first five years in the sector gastronomic communication, with a special eye on the use of social networks and gourmet restaurants. Rock & Goal as a lifestyle.


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