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Twizoo, a new way to make a reservation at a restaurant via Twitter


Twizoo, a startup founded in London, proposes Twitter users a new system to make online reservations at your favorite restaurants.

Restaurant reservations through one of the most used social networks such as Twitter, They are common, many restaurants are made for quite some time. Clients send their tweets or DM's account to the site chosen using the same data as a phone book, day, time and number of diners, but with the difference that the reservation is usually jot down the name that the user has in twitter.

Today I share with you a new way to make reservations via Twitter that the Twizoo platform, which opened its activity in London in June 2014 and later in San Francisco in May 2015, It has launched.

For you know this startup, I will say that is an application through an algorithm ranks the best restaurants according to the opinions that customers move to Twitter. It has recently closed an investment round, in particular in April 2015, for 1.2 million pounds with major venture capital.

Twizoo allows making a reservation through Twitter without any complication, the client sends a tweet including the date, hour, number of diners and the label #TweetToBook, From that moment check availability technology chosen restaurant and responds to the client with the confirmation of the same, should be complete, It makes it easy for a day or an alternative time if I could interest them.
Clients once sent the tweet with the corresponding label, they can hold a conversation through Twitter with the restaurant to have a direct confirmation of the establishment itself, As you can see in the following image.

To achieve full traceability in the digital process of booking, Twizoo has been associated with major portals and restaurant guides, particularly in the UK Hardens which it includes more than 6.000 restaurants and is also in negotiations with one of the world leaders in the sector such as OpenTable.

Restaurants are interested in using this system are recorded on the platform, specifically in www.twizoo.com/TweetToBook and have the first 10 reservations at no cost.

The company also offers a service called #NoMoreReviews in which filtered through an unreliable algorithms Restaurant Reviews, because as I said in the article, “Data on how customers are using Twitter restaurants”, the opinions of the restaurants through Twitter are growing exponentially in recent months, are more than seven tweets with restaurant reviews for every one that the client moves to traditional internet portals, as may be TripAdvisor O Yelp.

The application does is analyze the tweet that the client has launched on the restaurant in question and classifies them as positive, negative or if unreliable as spam, From these comments constructs a ranking of the best restaurants in Twitter opinions.

Although Twizoo is the first company that seems to want to organize the world of restaurant reservations via Twitter, there are specific cases of other companies in the sector that are using the network to give an added service to its customers, in particular I would highlight, Domino’s Pizza which allows customers to ask their pizza delivery via Twitter. Here's how to do it.

Twizoo service is currently only available to a few restaurants in London, but the forecast is that the company will soon launch it in other cities, expected to be next in San Francisco as the company has an office in that city.

Definitely, It is a new online reservation system for restaurants, in this case through the social network Twitter, I trust that solves one of the major problems that this type of process has, and that many of the tweets that customers send to restaurants, in most cases they remain unanswered, or this is done too late. Twizoo can become a useful digital intermediary, allowing the customer to obtain an adequate response to your reservation request, and ensure the same process, an important customers of the restaurants are encouraged to make reservations via Twitter feed.

Have you ever received or made a reservation via Twitter? You can share your experience in the comments.

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