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Uber competes against Amazon in service delivery by drone


Two years have passed since hurl Amazon Prime Air, the parcel delivery system of digital business giant employs a drone delivery to achieve the customer's home.

This initiative responded soon Google, con su Project Wings, which has not achieved the expected traction. And now he does Uber, seeking how to diversify its presence in the market with different mobility initiatives, which range from home delivery food (UberEats), to parcel services or bike sharing (the company has just acquired Jump).

San Diego the city will benefit from the commercial trials a new deal I faced drone to carry food from the point of preparation (restaurants and supermarkets partners) to the consumer. Tests have received the approval of the federal government and the agency responsible for ensuring the safety of citizens and compliance with the regulations and legislation in the US, especially strict in regard to the autonomous flight units.

Executive Director Uber Technologies Inc. informed the press their claims. Customers can order food with just a touch on the screen of your mobile, and will receive the order at the address indicated in a range of 5 a 30 minutes.

further, Dara Khosrowshahi It had an impact on the fact that Uber is now one of the companies dedicated to home delivery food more relevant Worldwide. UberEats seems here to stay, As much as you despite Deliveroo y Just Eat.

Uber Elevate, This is the name by which the service is known. Uber Elevate is one of the pilot projects that the Department of Transportation of the United. THE. He has his eye. At that same list other known name appear: Alphabet Inc., FedEx Corp., Intel Corp. y Qualcomm Inc.

At first, potentiate the market of home delivery food in which the brand is experiencing great success, reducing waiting times that they are subjected users in larger cities and more severe traffic congestion. But it is not the only objective of the project ...

Khosrowshahi confirmed the new direction of the company when he was asked by flying cars. The director, once skeptical with the idea, It is now showing more receptive: “Uber can not just about cars, has to discuss mobility.

A) Yes, which it could already be termed big giant mobility, invests resources in three areas with great transformative capacity:

  • New methods of distribution by drones.
  • creating flying vehicles larger.
  • autonomous driving.

It may seem too much for hamburgers just send your recipients, but the results are obtained when major goals are set.

The road will not be free of obstacles, Of course. Development based utilities autonomous driving is on hiatus since last March one of the test vehicle hit a passerby desadvertido, who ended up dead. Unlike the belligerent stance Elon Musk, Tesla Motors CEO, Uber has preferred to remain silent until the National Transportation Safety Board complete the accident investigation and issue its verdict.

The company shows positive about, However. He plans to continue with the investigation in the coming months.

If indeed this is the case, Elevate Uber he could join another project of robotic distribution in urban areas in the style of Starship, serving as a younger brother of autonomous trucks and cross the main thoroughfares US. THE.

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