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Uber Eats studies improve the positioning of restaurants in exchange for discounts include


As it has already been coined as a Native advertising system Uber Eats, the company has confirmed Techcrunch which you are testing the Indian subcontinent to allow restaurants associated with the platform can offer combos of dishes at a discount in exchange for improving the position where the business is displayed within the application.

With this idea Uber Eats aims to encourage the use of your aggregator restaurants. Although the way is not obvious attempt to get priori, once all the cards are put on the table becomes clearer: when a customer enters the application does without having made a decision about which restaurant will ask food on that occasion, Eats and Uber has total freedom in organizing establishments presents the user.

There is a way to better position in the search engine aggregator restaurants involves competition to win the favor of the company.

Since the subsidiary Uber expect this to lead to best menus, tighter prices, higher quality food packaging and better overall service In short. All this will be reflected in reviews online restaurants, and in the opinions expressed by service users home delivery food.

The confirmation occurs after a filtration desadvertida. Included in the tab "quality selection" in which food items will include loas promoted, you could find some items invented as part of the model prototype.

The mocking tone of the descriptions clearly indicated that no intention to publicize this feature had. A) Yes, the "strange French fries" did not seem very realistic when promised "meet your expectations and then exceed them completely. The flavor in these chips so brutally decimate your interpretation of the good food you reduce a whining shell of what once were ". very convincing, especially it is knowing that in the first instance invited to throw away any food in our possession.

The next day the screen once showed the strange chips remain blank.

When will be available? Eats Uber has not yet been pronounced in this regard, and since they are still developing initial tests, it may not be operational this year.


According to a company spokesman in Uber Eats are always "experiencing find ways to make favorite menus easier". The utility is also designed to riding menus online reducing the friction generated by selecting the items individually.

We do not know if you get, but certainly other end to achieve a very common practice among restaurants whose volume of digital business is your main source of income: the batiburrillos discounted combos and special menus that make their cards cumbersome rucksacks to investigate.

Perhaps thanks to the "quality selection" tab Eats Uber we save both time and money.

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