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Uber Eats use virtual restaurants to gain ground on its competitors


The strangest combinations and restaurant menu are about to arrive. We must be getting used to the presence of a Chinese Italian pizzas offering the purest Neapolitan style, design an ice cream shop where we sell game dishes garnished with seasonal mushrooms or a local sushi scene with the best tapas bars throughout the city.

These are not impossible combos and thanks to virtual restaurants Uber Eats, establishments that exist only in the app mobile and have no physical location available.

But ... What is the difference between virtual and called a false Local restaurants?

Not many! But surely the main thing is that virtual restaurants actually serve the food offered. No, This is not a ploy with which to take advantage of unsuspecting citizens.

Uber tejemaneje Eats This is a business strategy to limit the market that is taken away by other competitors. The battle to dominate the field of deliveries of food is fierce, with contenders renowned as Deliveroo O Just Eat struggling to dominate the market.

The idea behind the concept is simple. There are countless kitchens used below their real possibilities of service and these spaces can supplement the lack of other restaurants.

This synergy between the kitchen and the support benefited restaurant is what has been agreed to call as virtual restaurant, and combinable service, as already ahead at the start, is only available digitally.

Operation is equally simple. When someone accesses a restaurant connected to other external kitchens, the items appear as part of the restaurant menu looked through app mobile. The restaurant from which you place the order you receive the items from the kitchens outside via Uber Eats, prepare packaging and assembly yield again Uber Eats the responsibility of home food delivery.

The service has recently appeared in UK, where Deliveroo It is a real threat to the hegemony of Uber Eats, as is traditional territory of the competitor. Uber Eats, at this very instant is the only subsidiary of the parent company is generating profits Uber, You can not afford to give a single inch.

A) Yes, the son 400 Virtual restaurants appeared in the British Isles.

The objective Growth is orders takeaways and add value to existing infrastructure which still remains untapped or used below its ultimate potential. Uber manager Eats in UK, Wattine Toussaint, says this effect: "We heard that the restaurants had appetite to grow their businesses. Based on our experience in EE. UU., we have shown how you can create menus using the existing infrastructure '.

According to Cathy Zou, director of Virtual restaurants EE. UU., "The opportunity is really huge taking into consideration only the early indications observed in restaurants we have worked. Virtual restaurants launched in January 2017, starting in Chicago, and today we can see more of 1600 Virtual restaurants globally».

In the United Kingdom, two of these restaurants are the Balti Cottage and the Sushi Circle.

The first is a specialist in Indian food restaurants located in Dagenham, a peripheral east London City. Their dessert menu so needed to receive luster services now have another kitchen to present smoothies and pastries on their menu. The result? They have doubled their income on food segment regarding sustained basis by the local kitchen itself.

El Sushi Circle, As its name, It is a sushi bar true to the Japanese traditions. Nevertheless, They have not been afraid to experiment with new possibilities offered by the virtual restaurants. The more daring can now order Hawaiian dishes like Poké, the latest trend in home-delivered meals: a plate with rice, raw fish topping and aligned detail or vegetables, a recipe that has been praised by the very president of the US. UU., Barack Obama, who has called his favorite Hawaiian food.

In addition to the options enlarge, strengthen and enhance the menu, Wattine Toussaint believes that virtual restaurants have a unexploited potential for restaurants located in small towns, towns or rural, where it is difficult to get out of jack, horse and king lunchtime. Collaboration with more distant kitchens would diversify cards and attract the attention of jaded diners area.

Wattine also contemplates promotional possibilities, holiday and seasonal.

So much potential, that Deliveroo, the eternal rival of Uber Eats in UK, He did not want to be left behind in this new fashion of virtual restaurants. Theirs have begun to appear at the beginning of 2018 and they have a much lower implementation for now.

It seems that the next battle between the giants of home food delivery will be fought through his imaginary pawns, Virtual restaurants.

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