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Ultrapersonalización, remote control and efficient management staff; the next challenges of the internet of things for restaurants


Although the service to diners remains the most important aspect in a catering business, increasingly it is becoming more important use of technology to make decisions that improve performance local.

The internet of things or IoT is one of the fronts that arouse greater interest today, as far from affecting only diners, has a full transformative capacity will also have a noticeable effect on managers and staff.

The challenge now is how to adapt to the rapid changes that are linked in this period of digital transformation restaurants. Understand the background, operation and potential of new tools is not always easy.

The IoT is no exception. Why worth our restaurant has all your devices and devices connected to the internet of things? The advantages are manifold.

The internet of things It allows, among other things, a better data management in restoring. In an industry where premium user experience, a more intelligent data management means more satisfied diners, and hence, better reviews on social networks and internet, which in turn can cause increased influx of new customers al local. Everything is interrelated, and it should also be in the case of machines and appliances used in setting.

If entering the local diner is identified, which can be done automatically and easy to identify your mobile network through a wireless network connection, we can extract from the database relevant information concerning customer preferences in question.

Of course, This requires that the database exists.

This is where the IoT applications come into play. If the devices equipped with Internet things have compiled prior information can undertake the ultrapersonalización customer experience. This is an upward trend that is providing a service tailor-made. Some aspects that can act to achieve ultrapersonalización are:

  • Assigning a waiter who already know and have served the diner.
  • Change TV channels and radio stations to suit the tastes of the highest proportion of possible customers.
  • Adjust the brightness by adjustable lamps.
  • Controlling the temperature by heating or cooling.
  • Directly provide the preferred table for the visitor or having similar characteristics (adjacent window, frequent manway, air currents, privacy, etc) without requiring that the express request.
  • Deliver a personalized letter highlighting meals, drinks and full menus on which the customer has already shown interest.

Another front on which the internet of things is a great ally is the efficient personnel management.

Restorers daily face many challenges related to the proper management of human resources. IoT can increase the welfare of workers, reduce incidents related to the late arrival of staff or absences, and reduce fraud by new hires.

The way in which this can be achieved is simple. Restaurants can offer our own mobile terminals or enable workers to download some template management application on their phones. Employees can sign work hours directly from the device. The app It has access to the GPS system so you can know if the worker is actually at the local. The geolocation can also estimated arrival time staff when emergency arise, unexpected situations or congestion during peak hours, so that the owner can delegate tasks to other colleagues.

To minimize absenteeism and tardiness to the job, applications can display alerts on the time remaining until the time of entada. This too streamlines communication between worker and manager in cases where staff provides late for unforeseen last minute, facilitating corrective action to inconvenience customers not to be transmitted.

These same applications can be equipped with surveys to determine if the template is happy at the end of the shift. This can tackle problems like friction between peers due to stress, discontent in the workplace, and the high turnover rate in positions facing the public, a problem that afflicts about how the sector restoration.

Meanwhile managers can see how Local efficiency grows significantly.

A refrigerator with Internet things can issue warnings about a critical rise in temperature in the drawer, that should pass desadvertida could cause the stored foods to lose jump overboard. It's more, freezers and refrigerators are already equipped with sensors that detect if food has gone bad. All these data, properly integrated into a database and interpreted it possible to act on the underlying problem, a menu that does not take advantage pantry ingredients correctly or incorrectly supplies.

It is not utopian plan the supply and acquisition of third-party services efficiently, without food waste is generated or contracted services desaprovechen. But it is not the only way in which the owner can benefit, It is also possible to make a Preventive maintenance of equipment kitchen and restaurant in general, thus avoiding costly manner periods in which the devices could be out of service.

Although IoT is promising, are still many difficulties to overcome. First there is the not inconsiderable friction implementation, This is because the technology is still in its infancy and few restaurateurs with the technical expertise needed to squeeze the internet of things the most. To deal with this problem, compute the information in the cloud or resort to foreign companies specialized in analyzing this type of macro data are existing solutions, adequate and even successful.

another the difficulties encountered by many homeowners It is to discover the way in which local IoT can benefit from. To clear the mists of ignorance, there is already consulting firms able to issue reports and studies on the use of technology in business.

Despite the complexity of technology, IoT has become its own merits in the talk at symposia and conferences technology applied to restoration. Its ability to cause a new revolution in the digital transformation of the restaurants is certainly undeniable.

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